The Frame Works at Binders
3330 Piedmont Rd NE #18, Atlanta, GA 30305, United States
Review №1

The best art store around!! I came in last week to get school supplies for my college level courses and had a hefty list of supplies needed. Howard, the owner, helped me one on one find everything i needed, taught me how to pronounce the oil paint names, and helped me find the best supplies. Never go to another art store!! I know i won’t. The store itself is huge and beautifully set up, and the staff is extremely welcoming and helpful (: quality supplies as well. Thank you again Howard!

Review №2

We dont know enough about an art store but it seems to have anything you could possibly want!The girl that helped us seemed so young but she really was helpful and was very helpful. We are old!

Review №3

My friend and I went in to buy a lot of supplies for a art/drawing class. We needed lots of help and was given it with a smile on(under mask of course.) We will be back.

Review №4

I can’t say enough wonderful things about my experience here! I brought a new piece of art to get framed in a floating frame and could not be happier with the results. Brian was so helpful and knowledgeable that I returned with two other pieces that needed to be reframed. Megan was amazing at helping me pick frames that would work together with the floating frame on the first piece since they were going in the same room. The insight and experience Brian has really helped me to chose the right matting and the pieces were done promptly and perfectly. I already have recommended this shop to two friends who have seen my “new” art!

Review №5

I love Binders! I didn’t think I had a creative bone in my body but after running into their little exhibition booth at GA State and making my own little art piece I have become a faithful customer to both locations downtown and the Ponce City Market location. I have included some pics of my fun art.

Review №6

They officially have a loyal customer! I’m a local visual artist and recently took on a commission of 8 very large pieces. I called numerous places in Atlanta for custom canvases, most couldn’t do the size canvases I needed and the few that could, didn’t have a way to get it out of their showroom. Brian was straight forward with me and got it done! Not only did he put together 8 very large canvases for me in an extremely quick turn around time, when I picked them up today, he was helpful helping me load them in the uhaul I rented to transport them. The owner came out and introduced himself. The communication through the whole process was remarkable and the quality of work was amazing. The best customer service I have ever received dealing with anything regarding art.

Review №7

Excellent! They have a huge inventory, but when they only had 2 of the large wood panels in the size I needed, the owner was quick to offer to order several more for me & even honored the sale price even though it was the last day. Great customer service is like a superpower these days!! Thanks Binders!

Review №8

Awesome process and everything you thought you needed.

Review №9

The younger guy in the store was not helpful at all and kind of rude. Didn’t ask if we needed help and when we finally made it to check out he ran away from the register to help someone else. He saw us standing there and never came to check us out. We stood there for a while and finally an older gentleman came and checked us out. It was our first and last time going to that store. The store at Ponce has very helpful staff but unfortunately they didn’t have everything we needed.

Review №10

Absolutely amazing team of dedicated people.

Review №11

Brian, at Binders Frameworks, ROCKS IT every time to make me look great with my clients!! His work always surpasses my expectations! He is truly an Atlanta art community treasure! Who knew that manners and good customer service were still a real thing?...........Apparently, Binders Art Supply and Framework does.

Review №12

Really helpful employees made our experience non-thteatening and enjoyable, even though we felt a little out of our element walking in!

Review №13

Thank you, Binders! I had sort of an odd situation, and a less customer service oriented business couldve made this a real hassle for me. I spoke with both Melissa and Howard who were more than willing to help me out and come up with a solution. So I am really appreciative... and pleased with all the merchandise I received!

Review №14

Great place of youre looking for quality art supplies at decent prices.

Review №15

Wonderful experience framing my piece of abstract art. The nicest people working there guided and helped me find the perfect linen liner and frame and it was done within a week. I’ll definitely use them again.

Review №16

Binders is the only framing place I use for my beloved artwork. They spend time with me to get the exact look I’m searching for, have lots of experience and ideas, and their workmanship is unmatched anywhere. If I could give 10 stars, I would.

Review №17

Great gem of a place downstairs from the Disco Kroger! Folks working here are always so helpful and pleasant.

Review №18

This place has really helpful staff and the prices were much better than I expected. I got a really great deal today!

Review №19

I threw a splatter room birthday party back in March (right before covid quarantine)... THE STAFF WAS AMAZING!!! This was such a great experience! Very affordable, so much fun!!! BYOB! I would highly recommend!!! Whether you’re an artist looking to create or someone like me looking to throw some paint, hang out with friends, and enjoy life- this is the BEST place to book!!! Thank you Binders!!! 💛💯🎨

Review №20

Great service and we worked out a good layout. 👍

Review №21

Good staff and inventory at reasonable prices, BUT, grumpy management.

Review №22

Outstanding framing and attention to detail...We had a signed jersey framed & it looks amazing, museum quality!!! Would 100% recommend this team in Buckhead, very professional

Review №23

Pretty unhelpful staff for the most part. They could care less about what I was trying to do and it was more like figure it out yourself although I was asking about typical fine art materials. I thought I was going to Blick, where even on the phone the staff was super helpful.

Review №24

They have everything an artist needs and the best prices in Atlanta.

Review №25

Great store for serious art supplies

Review №26

Always very friendly, helpful, and reliable. Kudos to Binders for their awesome staff.

Review №27

The selection is broad but a little shallow. However, compared to other art stores the quality at Binders is high. The prices were a bit more than I expected, but not out of line with the quality provided.The employees were very friendly and helpful.The store includes a small class space and a small gallery space. (Some gorgeous stii lives there at the time of my visit.)

Review №28

Best deals here

Review №29

Best selection nice discount prices

Review №30

The cashier was excellent very knowledgeable. I like the selection. I have always liked binders even though i dont think they are well managed.

Review №31

Good to come back Home to my 1st ever art store.

Review №32

People working there are very helpful and polite!

Review №33

They got you covered for art supplies and this location is quite big but prices are way too high. Sam Flax has much better deals. Black mounting boards for example are significantly cheaper for the exact same quality.

Review №34

It was awesome. They took such great care of me. Highly recommend

Review №35

If youre an art aficionado and have never been, theres no reason for that. awesome location and helpful staff. theres always some good deals on supplies.

Review №36

Have shopped at Binders for years. Employees very knowledgeable and lots of stock to choose from. They stand behind what the sell so feel good about shopping here.

Review №37

Everyone was helpful and friendly. The store was pretty well stocked for it to be in a pandemic which is a plus.

Review №38

Best art supply store ever. Organised, supportive, local, priced well, helpful, with a good selection and a knowledgeable staff. 💗

Review №39

Took the time to make sure we had the perfect match to the print. The work was excellent and my wife was thrilled w her Christmas present.

Review №40

These people are so friendly. I love that its a locally owned company. They dont have all the supplies i need sometimes and theyre a little more expensive. But I love dealing with the staff more than at other similar stores. I purchased an 8 foot canvas that wouldnt fit in my car. They were able to find a courier to deliver it to my studio!

Review №41

Everything you will ever need. Great professional advice. Not always the best prices but its a classic for the art in your heart.

Review №42

Oh my God what can I say me and my daughter love this place. And you can keep busy with all the art supplies in the world

Review №43

Nice store, but they were lacking in customer service.

Review №44

Pretty much every piece of art in my house has been framed here by Brian - best frame shop in Atlanta area!

Review №45

I am soo impressed with this store. I had heard about it and wanted to check it out, but never get to the Buckhead area. This lucky time I was nearby, ai stopped in and it was amazing. Beautiful store with sponges, inks, paints, canvases in tons of shapes and sizes and journals. I was able to get a bunch of materials for under $25 and Im definitely going to return next time I need some art materials. Its totally worth the drive.

Review №46

You know that your in an art store the moment you walk in. There is a smell and even a feel to it. And even if you are not an artist, the feeling of creativity grows as you walk down the aisles and touch the merchandise. Yes, there are art supply stores that are cheaper and more convenient. But none provide the art stimulation that Binders does. In every way, it is worth the traffic and hassle of getting there.

Review №47

I love Binders. I have been a customer for 33 years. They are always peasant and very helpful. They have the best and most complete assortment of artist supplies, and what they dont keep in stock they can order. I highly recommend them!!

Review №48

Great selection of craft and art supplies

Review №49

Great inventory. I got everything I needed!

Review №50

Great place!

Review №51

Great customer service! The prices are much, much better than some of the craft stores. Very pleased and will be returning for future purchases!!!!

Review №52

Great Art store has everything you need and the employees are well educated in this store

Review №53

Very nice! Will be back! They have what other art stores dont!

Review №54

Very knowledgable staff! Especially Dominique. She is the best!

Review №55

Dont let the curious below-ground location of this shop fool you. Binders offers a ridiculous assortment of art supplies. Whether you are a professional artist or a weekend hobbyist, this store sells everything you would ever want or need. You can also find lovely little items to give as gifts. Before you leave, read the board posting all classes available to those looking for some guidance. This place is awesome.

Review №56

I have been shopping at this chain on and off for over 30 years but after my experience with the stores return policy this past Sunday I wont be visiting them again. I had purchased a ready made frame from the store and made the mistake of removing the plastic wrap. I was told that they didnt have a way to re-shrink wrap the item and therefore wouldnt accept the return.

Review №57

They had a event but rushed me out 30 minutes before it was supposed to end. Some presenters also ignored me and didnt engage in conversation with me, though I visited their table for information.

Review №58

Do you need art supplies in the arflanta area ? Well Binders is the right source , supplies, and friendly and helpful staff to get your next project from concept to caninepletion.Make sure you join their loyalty program, we saved over 1/3 off MSRP by joining and it was super easy.After we expend our current supplies you can bet your bottom borker we will return.

Review №59

I come to this place only a few times but i truly loved it the first time i went there i had a women come up to us and speak Spanish which was a wonder. they have what just what i need and just love it. over all good time.

Review №60

We stayed at a hotel near this store and found it by chance. So glad that we did!The store is awesome and the staff is very friendly. They have a lot of art supplies and even a gallery - the employee art was my favorite.

Review №61

I work with the Binders team on a regular basis for our teams art supply needs. They consistently deliver great customer service and are very detailed and timely! I love working with their team and highly recommend their store for any art needs!

Review №62

Binders is absolutely amazing!! The best customer service; employees are very knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. They go out of their way to help. Favorite art store!

Review №63

Love the frame shop here! The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful in making suggestions in selecting the best matte and frame. It usually takes a week to be completed.

Review №64

The salesmen were fantastic in helping me choose ways to get the most for my money. They went above and beyond!! Thanks guys!!!

Review №65

A mind blowing collection of supplies for any Artists or for the amateur ..

Review №66

I love shopping here for my art supplies. I love it! Ive been coming to Binders since I was in college, 10 years ago!

Review №67

Great variety of all sorts of crafting items. I come for the loose selections of Prisma Colors, Mircons, and Gelly Rolls!

Review №68

I’ll never shop at Blick again

Review №69

My go to place when Im looking for supplies or just need to be in an art environment :) The customer service is great, everyone is always super friendly. Very spacious and well laid out.

Review №70

A great art store and better than Michaels for the actual artist. Largest collection of selection of canvas stretchers in the city and the best place to start when in need of supplies. Erics humor at the register was an added bonus for the day.

Review №71

We love to get pur art supplies from Binders. Its locwted i. BUCKHEAD. IN A SHOPPING PLAZA behind the hotel lazeVery jard to find bc it in the back behind the plaza. Tjeu jave frames amd all sorts of art aupplies. They even jave displays where you can try out new.products.

Review №72

This store has changed and for the MUCH worse. Poorly stocked, poor store help, and you literally can get a person at your insurance company on the phone easier than getting them to answer. No longer the art supply store go to for Atlanta. At all.

Review №73

Every time I come to this store, the staff is extremely courteous and helpful. Binders has such a wide selection of materials and supplies, it is always my one stop shop for art supplies, diy, and frames!

Review №74

Its an art store. All good!

Review №75

Good little art store tucked away in the Disco Kroger parking lot! Great selection, best art store in Buckhead right now for sure. I always feel slightly uncomfortable walking around the store and looking at all the different supplies, though, but that is probably just a personal objection. Would recommend!

Review №76

Perfect place for standard and specialty art supplies. Great prices.

Review №77

I always enjoy visitingbinders; somedays have interactive projects going on. I won a free gift one (that gift was an expensive one for an art student.

Review №78

Water mixable oil/mixed media painter. Great prices, helpful staff, lots of inventory. Nice atmosphere to boot.

Review №79

Great service and selection always. Go here for all of my supplies and am never disappointed.

Review №80

This store has a great selection of art supplies. I go there for my watercolour supplies. The staff is very nice, but sometimes I have to wait longer than I like, to check out.

Review №81

Great people. They just didnt have what I was looking for. I prefer Blick.

Review №82

Excellent interchange with the staff. Very very knowledgeable. Thanks Tony

Review №83

Well stocked. Helpful staff.

Review №84

Binders is THE place to make your purchases they have it all, and the employees are all product knowledgeable, and thats a good thing, even if you are just starting with any project they will treat you as if youve just won in the lottery and plan on giving them a couple of your thousands.

Review №85

This place is for people love Arts. They also has discount for students. Smell 👍.

Review №86

Huge store! Way more variety than I was expecting, Ill definitely be back.

Review №87

This store offers a wide range of products you may be looking for. I would encourage you to visit it if you are looking for a variety of art supplies.

Review №88

Good prices! And has some nice finds!

Review №89

A place to get great artistic inspiration

Review №90

Friendly staff and helpful in my shopping adventure!

Review №91

All kinds of great supplies. Excellent staff.

Review №92

It would Be Downstairs.

Review №93


Review №94

Excellent selection of whatever I need and staff are always so helpful

Review №95

Great that I dont have to go up to Buckhead anymore from Inman park. Help can be inattentive at times; helpful others. Huddles at desk with coffee in hand. Aggrevated that the framing shop is not taking orders or have staff there to do that work. Go there for architectural supplies but they dont have much for my old school ways.Im sure it will get much coming to the hood.

Review №96

Great selection of art supplies.

Review №97

Great store. Good selection of art supplies and excellent service.

Review №98

Great selection of art supplies and employees who are artists with knowledge of the products!

Review №99

This is a terrific store with very friendly, helpful and always available staff. If you are an artist, this is the place!

Review №100

Great service! Thanks for the art supplies!

4.8 Rating
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