2625 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324, United States
Review №1

I like this store and Im happy its nearby to grab some supplies when I dont want to order it online because I need it before its going to be delivered or I want to see it before I buy it. However I have a few minor complaints, nothing too bad obviously since I still shop here so frequently. They are a little pricey, but they do have nice sales and clearances that kinda make up for that. They tend to be out of really basic crafting supplies when you need them, things you would think they would always have in stock. The last thing is that the lines at the checkout can be really long and I dont think Ive ever seen more than 2 cashiers at any point in time. Checkout times arent always a problem but when they are its pretty bad. Overall, I like this store and they have a very friendly and helpful staff.

Review №2

It was great. service is friendly and i fund what i was looking for

Review №3

The staff is really nice and help you what youre looking for!

Review №4

Be careful you will lose your wallet in here

Review №5

This was my worst Michaels experience ever. I had the displeasure of checking out with the manager today and my entire interaction was extremely unprofessional, and the entire experience rang as rude and disrespectful. I work retail and am usually pretty patient with workers as I know what goes into the job. Do better.

Review №6

Good crafting items that are in-stock and on sale.

Review №7

Great experience the staff was wonderful & very helpful. They were very professional & knowledgeable and helped me with my questions and helped me find the items I was looking for.

Review №8

Great staff, but as other reviews mention, it’s much smaller than you’re probably used to with other Michael’s locations. The staff are super helpful, but they may not have exactly what you’re looking for if you’re looking for something more obscure.

Review №9

The employees need to know the products Im asking about

Review №10

Good place to Shop good customer service

Review №11

This location is a lot smaller than what Im used to but it was still nice and had everything that I needed!

Review №12

They have all you need with a knowledgeable staff.

Review №13

Cool store, they never have what I need unfortunately But I love crafts and this is my preferred location

Review №14

The line to check out was long. I guess they are having staffing issues

Review №15

The Michaels on Sidney Marcus is a very nice store the workers there help you out finding what you need

Review №16

Has been awhile since I was at this store..went in looking for floral stems but nowhere near the quality of the now defunct Pier 1..also I thought the prices were higher at Michaels than I remembered..they have a little bit of everything but I only venture in to find something I have trouble finding elsewhere..I am not a regular browser here..and Hobby Lobby beats them on floral quality and selection.

Review №17

The stock in this store is subpar in relation to the Sidney Marcus/ Piedmont location.

Review №18

OK selection of items but smaller location than in used to. I prefer the Tucker location

Review №19

First time at this location. Had more items than my neighborhood Michaels.

Review №20

It us like a kid in a candy store and they had good helpful Associates! Me being a new business owner and making products I will be back!

Review №21

The great Supply Store where any artist could to bring their imagination to life.

Review №22

Great customer service. The store wasnt packed and it was stocked nicely!.

Review №23

Good curbside pickup service. However, the staff is overwhelmed by the amount of orders and the time it takes to fulfill each order (to no their fault of their own as they are doing a great job). Be prepared to wait a little longer than the “same day” pickup service that the website is offering. I ordered on a Friday and mine was ready by Sunday, which is very reasonable! The staff seems to be working very hard given the new job duties and as I mentioned, doing a great job. I believe the corporate website needs to updated to reflect that same day service availability may vary depending on the order volume for each store. Setting the correct expectations would improve the customer experience.

Review №24

One of a kind arts and crafts store. I was looking for a wooden base in order to stain it. I am planning on using the base for a photo then putting a epoxy seal on top of it. I saw the idea on YouTube and Michaels provided me with all the tools to get it done. You may want to shop around since smaller quantities often have higher costs for ongoing projects.

Review №25

Ive been shopping at this store sine the 90s! This where I go for my creative needs!

Review №26

Im so ashamed of myself! I bought so much stuff!! Lol I just love this store.

Review №27

Drivers looking at the dock, DO NOT ATTEMPT DURING BUSINESS HOURS! There is a short bit of wall by the dock that may scratch your trailer when bumping dock. Anyone with a sleeper and 53 will stick out a bit. Recommend a 48 for this location and arrive at night. Would make 4-5 stars if there wasnt a large amount of trash around the stairs to the receiving door.

Review №28

Michaels is ideal for those hard to find things that you need to complete an unusual project.Like, helping your child, build a solar system. They have every size balls. Paint, etc. My child earned an A.

Review №29

I went to michael for. two items. they were in stock . no one really wanted to help or assist you .

Review №30

Been a patron of this store for almost 15yrs. They have always been the most helpful & courteous. I keep going back!

Review №31

The store as such is nice and organized. I really like their custom Framing segment.

Review №32

This is a great place to discover a new project, or to supply a project you already have. They usually stock a comprehensive variety of art supplies. Sometimes, areas of the store are messy like the day planner area, could use a professional organizer, but outside of that, great store!

Review №33

Ordered online for curbside pick took 24 hours for my order to be ready. When I arrived, I called multiple times and the phones didn’t work. So I had go inside which defeated the purpose of the curbside option. On top of that, I had to wait for anyone to even acknowledge me to bring my order. I love Michaels but there’s no reason why there were only 3 workers on the floor to assist and check everyone out. This isn’t the first time this has happened either.

Review №34

Covid hobbies in full effect here. Lots of great projects and if you’re looking for something specific, check the inventory online first.

Review №35

Good arts and crafts supply for the casual user. I also buy a lot of generic stuff there. For higher end quality paints I go elsewhere. Those are not of interest to most people though...

Review №36

All I have to say is....if you want to go somewhere and go broke while youre there and be happy about it this is the place!

Review №37

Lots of great deals. 80% off Christmas Decor!

Review №38

My online order was ready super-quick, and 100% accurate!

Review №39

This location seems a bit overwhelmed. Maybe they need more staff to help. I had a return and they seemed a bit baffled, even tho I had my receipt. Something about different online pricing, and confusion in their system. I dont like the politics of Hobby Lobby, but I prefer their store. Its a dilemma.

Review №40

50/50. Actually, I had great help from person on for, but cashier was very cold, and even when attempting to engage with her, there was no response.

Review №41

Very helpful staff

Review №42

The Curbside pickup is trash. It tells you when youre on your way press the button and when you arrive press a button only leading to a store number! And nobody answered and it the phone hung up on me twice! So i had to find a park and get out of the car which I did not plan on! However I went inside and the staff assisted me very quickly.

Review №43

Love craft stores.

Review №44

Friendly staff. Clean. Good location

Review №45

Cluttered! Disorganized. Worst Michaels Ive been to!

Review №46

Not for nothing it feels tight in there. But everyone is nice.

Review №47

The employees and store selection were amazing, but the customers is why i will never go back. Two different scenarios happened in less than an hour of my being there. I wanted to buy what I grabbed but 2 women were fighting and two other ladies were very rude to the staff because they were busy doing their job and these women couldnt be patient. I put down my things and left. I didnt want problems for myself nor more stress. This location i cannot recommend solely due to the clientele.

Review №48

Small with limited variety for a Michaels. Not very well kept up, empty shelves. Bathrooms where nasty. Staff was really cool though.

Review №49

I went looking for melt and pour soap base i needed for a big order and it was just my luck that i got the last 2 2lb slabs of goats milk and the last 5lb slab of three butter base the store was very roomy and organized with alot to offer just wish they had a bigger selection of soaping and candle making materials

Review №50


Review №51

Always love this place. Manager is always helpful even though very busy!! She never sacrifices customer service for other tasks❤️

Review №52

When I left Michaels I found out my car broke down in their parking lot. I was a bit nervous about the situation, but Kara was able to leave her duties to come jump my car. I love how she sprung into action to help someone in need. Thank you Kara!

Review №53

Small store but easy in and out. Efficient and quick and friendly. Clean too.

Review №54

Two workers for the line. One was slow.

Review №55

I love em for mt Resin Runs 😁

Review №56

Nice thins for the house.

Review №57

Its a nice store but didnt have much that I needed

Review №58

It is extremely over crowded, there was no social distancing required. I was unable to shop, I was extremely uncomfortable with the amount of people and the lack of social distancing.

Review №59

This Michaels location is really stocked with everything. From beginners to the expert you can find anything. Large bead selection, great selection of yarns, paints, brushes and canvases, frames, candles and of course tons and tons of flowers. You can even sign up for classes. Staff is pleasant and helpful, plenty of parking. A lot to do in the area, traffic is heavy, but there is a train station near by as an option ( if you dont buy too much)

Review №60

I used to really enjoy going to this store i just with all thats going on its kind of hard to stay upbeat.

Review №61

When I go in the store Ill be treated with respecttheyll walk around the store can help you find stuff no one in the store have ever disrespect I will continue to shop at the

Review №62

Busy but an okay store. Definitely understaffed.

Review №63

A bit crowded w narrow isles at times but good selection.

Review №64

This Michaels isnt bad, but it always seems to be low on stock of a lot of items, always busy, kind of hectic. Ive been going to a different bigger one and noticed the difference. Not saying this one is bad, but it is smaller and more hectic. But also, thats kind of what you get in Buckhead!!

Review №65

Highly disappointed in the customer service here. Angry senior brunette at register was very rude and unhelpful. No greeting, literally throwing items sloppily in bag, and didn’t say a word at register only the total.

Review №66

Good overall.

Review №67

Great place to get your crafting materials.

Review №68

This Michaels is one of the smaller ones. I only went to this one b/c it was closer to my job but I would recommend people to go to the one in Perimeter over this one. Its bigger and they have more help at the other location too.

Review №69

Great art supplies

Review №70

Close to home art store. They have art related everything

Review №71

I love this store because they are constantly changing inventory

Review №72

Everyone is very helpful

Review №73

Very helpful staff

Review №74

Very friendly staff and im not just saying that because they greet you. When your at the register checking out, they actually ask you if you have the coupon to save additonal $$$. Plus they dont mind waiting while you pull up the website to retrieve the coupon. NOW THATS CUSTOMER SERVICE

Review №75

Good price .👍🏻

Review №76

Great variety of items, well stocked and arranged for easy location in the store

Review №77

I love Michaels but it always seems that the staff is overworked... maybe its due to Corona Virus spawning a bunch of crafters combined with people having to call-out from work....Just wish there was something that Michaels could do about that, a self-checkout line maybe??

Review №78

Only came to this store for resin since i happened to be in the area, very small and cluttered. Wasnt sure if the store was just opening or closing down

Review №79

The staff are really focused on you and are not discriminate.

Review №80

I would prefer an art supply store as a fine artist, but Michaels is competitive when offering deals on select items. (Buy one canvas get 2 free!) And this particular location has a good selection.

Review №81

Store is dim and dirty. Items are poorly organized and dishevelled. Poor selection of yarn unless you want giant blanket yarn, plenty of that stuff but thats an odd thing to be half of their selection.

Review №82

They need more employees and also the staff should be trained in the stores inventory! Other than that I dont have any other qualms about it.

Review №83

Didnt have much of what I was looking for.

Review №84

It was Okay but dark inside

Review №85

It was okay. The variety of materials they have is very limited. The employees were great and helpful.

Review №86

Has a decent and economical yarn selection for knitters and crocheters. It’s not good for higher end yarns. Great prices and coupons are always available on their website.

Review №87

No lines. No waiting. Everyone had a mask and the cashiers kept ppl moving. Awesome!!!

Review №88

The store looked like a tornado hit it. Very disorganized. No mask policy for customers... felt very unsafe. I turned around and got out of this messy hot zone.

Review №89

Super nice employees, however noticed something that I had in my basket never actually got swiped for purchase. Don’t know what happened so now I have to go back again tomorrow. Might impulse purchase some planners, great selection.

Review №90

Fully stocked, helpful employees, and didnt hassle me about the million tiny items I requested packaged a spefic way. Possibly the best michaels location inside the city

Review №91

Framing area staff are excellent! Overall store is OK.

Review №92

Dont have everything. Good selection tho. Employees that are awesome. Some you can tell are burnt out(but they know the deal to help you properly. Artist approved

Review №93

They were busy, but never failed to help. The line was crazy long but the flew threw it at an unbelievable speed.

Review №94

Love, love, love, this place! If it remotely has anything to do with art or hobbies this place has got it, all under one roof with isles clearly marked, helpful staff, and great selections. Can be a bit pricey but usually anything to do with art is.

Review №95

Went to get melt and pour soap base they had some 2lbs for 9.99 a good price and big tub 26 usually order off Amazon but didnt want to wait so tried here they mostly was out I grab the last but I will be checking back for more melt and pour saw some other items good for storage first time going to check them out a lil pricy but what I needed was a good price

Review №96

Staff is awesome so friendly and helpful here.

Review №97

Whatever Im looking for seems to always be out of stock...

Review №98

Do you need a frame? This is the place to go

Review №99

Always a pleasure! I spemd money to make money so i LOVE it here!!

Review №100

Staff was super friendly and went out of their way to help!

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  • Address:2625 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 404-266-8711
  • Craft store
  • Art supply store
  • Picture frame shop
  • Yarn store
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–10PM
  • Thursday:9AM–10PM
  • Friday:9AM–10PM
  • Saturday:9AM–10PM
  • Sunday:9AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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