Buffalo Exchange
1057 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306, United States
Review №1

When selling my items, I felt that the buyer was dishonest with the retail prices so that I’d get a smaller percentage and the profit would be larger. I took the L with a couple of pieces because I needed the money but my time was wasted with the lowballs.The prices that my items were “going for” didn’t match the prices of pieces in the store. I think I forgot to wipe off my clown mask before I went in.I’ll eat my words if I actually go in and see my gorgeous vintage 2 pc blazer & skirt set being sold for $30. 30??? Please. I’m so glad I held on to the pieces that I did!

Review №2

I came here with about 35 pieces and shoes. She said itll take her 20mins to go thru my bag. She called me back in 7min. I walked around the store just to see some of the things they accepts and its pretty much what I brought in. She didnt accept nothing I wonder if she even went through it. Im going to send my friend up with the same clothes Ill let u know what happens...

Review №3

It’s ridiculous. I got there at 11 to sell. Walked up to counter she asked two other people including me if we had an appointment. She later to proceed to say they do take walk ins if it’s not busy but apparently it was slammed packed. It was two people one had a box of 5 items the other had a small Walmart bag. Not sure if it’s a race thing. But it’s disappointing and definitely don’t feel welcomed there.

Review №4

I do not recommend selling your clothes to Buffalo Exchange. I did so through mail. I sent 35 pieces, mostly dresses, in that were gently worn and great brands, and was offered $10.00. I strongly wish I would have sold my clothes through a different platform, and encourage you to do so. The only thing that I feel good about is that the clothes they choose not to use, goes to charity, otherwise Im very disappointed.

Review №5

Not the best experience. When I sold my clothes at the counter, the guy said he got me $14 and some change. When I went to cash it out at the other counter, I only got $7 and change. I said the other man said I would get $14 and some. She said yes if you choose the store credit instead of cash, but you chose cash. So I said ok, I must have misunderstood, can you change it please. And she said no, once the register is closed there’s nothing she can do. Perhaps, but then get someone else or do something to repair the situation. I feel duped. Just be careful and know what you’re getting. I don’t think it’s fair for one person to say you get some total (without the stipulations) and have those only come up at the last register. It’s not the amount, but the principle. Be clear on all fronts.

Review №6

This business supports discrimination. They have a sign upon entering their business that states Masks are optional for our vaccinated customers.Wonderful! Ill shop elsewhere and give my money to businesses that dont participate in medical discrimination!

Review №7

Most RIDICULOUS return policy EVER. 5 days? don’t shop here without trying on your items first.

Review №8

My new favorite store!!! Employees are the friendliest employees Ive encountered in a long time at a retail store. This store is an absolute GEM

Review №9

If your a thrifter you will like Buffalo Exchange. I use to uber and one of my riders recommended it to me. They have some very unique and vintage pieces. Also if your clearing your closet and getting rid of items they buy also. One of my favorite places to visit

Review №10

The manager with the glasses is very condescending and rude.I didn’t appreciate how she was speaking to her employeesAnd I don’t appreciate how she spoke to me.Someone needs to tell her she should relax before she rubs someone the wrong way.She was the only person in the store with an aggressive unnecessary attitude

Review №11

Found nice pieces - really great staff - friendly place

Review №12

Incredibly nice sales associates, great selection of pre-loved items and great service - WAY better than Rag-O-Rama (esp. if you’re looking to sell some of your stuff). Last time I was here, I wanted to sell some items after cleaning out my closet a bit and they took everything except 1 item. You get some cash back or credit to use/spend on their store which I thought was great options. Don’t expect a ton of cash back though if you do plan to sell, but still nice to make some extra cash on the side IMO. Great experience, can’t wait to go back next time I’m in Atlanta.

Review №13

I recently came here for some selling. I’ve been here before and wanted to give them a second chance, but I knew I shouldn’t have. The only thing that bothered me was how they handled the situation and a bit of low balling. I came to sell around 20+ items all name brand in good condition and in season (Nike, Free People, Urban Outiftters, Levi’s, Abercrombie). They seemed pretty busy and so I stepped out while they went over all the clothing. When I had came back they offered me $54 dollars in Cash or $104 for store credit, after rejecting the offer and wanting my clothing back one of the associates had informed me “Next time If I’m hesitant on the offer that I should stay while they go over everything. Because now it’s an inconvince for them for having to go back and find all my items on the racks.” First of all NO ONE should have put MY items on the racks without VERIFYING with ME if I wanted to sell OR NOT. I’ve sold here before and they’ve never done anything like that so I was a bit distraught and just found that Associate was being passive aggressive for no given reason other than for me stepping out of the store. On top of that my clothes could’ve been sold without my consent and they’re lucky I’m not problematic cause at that point it would’ve been up.

Review №14

My daughter bought clothes here for the first time. You cant try on the clothes due to Corona virus so you must take them home to try on. This puts the customer at a disadvantage. If the customer were able to try on the clothes in the store and they didnt fit they wouldnt buy them in the first place. Another woman in the store said the return policy was 10 days. Our understanding was the clothes could be returned for a full refund. My daughter was given a store credit only. If my daughter bought the clothes back it means she couldnt find anything in the store she liked. Its wrong for this store to make us spend money here when we wanted to go elsewhere. My daughter will spend her store credit when shes able to try on the clothes in the dressing room. What a waste of time! I will not sell here, nor shop at this store again in the future.

Review №15

The selection is very ugly, and after 2 years if masks are still required, will not support this business, gross

Review №16

The young lady with the two Afro puffs is extremely disrespectful. Spoke to us with a severe attitude at our first encounter. She has zero customer service whatsoever

Review №17

Very rude manager. The one with the round glasses.

Review №18

Yeah cool spot! Great selection. Great brands. Prices are relevant and reasonable.

Review №19

Got 2 of my favorite jeans for less than 1 new... happy camper here.

Review №20

I had some pay out issues and although I was told initially by an associate, Mikala that nothing could be done. Although I explained that I was told differently by someone else the previous day she was adamant I couldnt be helped. However, the manager Adam was so helpful! He made sure my payout issue was resolved THE SAME DAY! His demeanor, his attitude over the phone situation was really a relief especially after being told I couldnt be helped by an associate (mentioned above). Adam definitely saved this store review and myself from a further anxiety. I appreciate his understanding and his willingness to help me with a very frustrating situation, you have no idea. It was a pleasure to speak with him too, he actually made me laugh in the midst of it all! I will definitely sell here again for that reason. Also, the items they took I was aptly compensated for.

Review №21

The service was great, everyone was friendly which is not common when your pregnant shopping in regular clothing stores. All the interesting find are amazing. One of the best organized stores, I didnt have to dig through things that werent my size. Great help with the dressing room. Gorgeous selection... I just love it

Review №22

Everyone was super friendly and my husband and I made some great finds. Got a good price for my trade ins too. There were a lot of gems but I was surprised to see a lot of cheaper brands like forever 21 too. Overall great though, wed stop back.

Review №23

Really well managed location. Organized, good selection, and smoothly run buyer station.

Review №24

Cool trendy stop for 2nd hand, good selection, good music!

Review №25

I am an avid resale shopper and reseller. I have always loved Buffalo Exchange for their amazing variety of clothing and friendly customer service.After today, I will never sell clothes to this company again.I am a reseller and also own a clothing resale shop in the town I live in, but I often shop out of town to shop for new and exciting items.I took in some merchandise to trade for other items. As soon as the buyer saw one of my items was new with tags she told me that it was suspicious and that I would have to sign a piece of paper to confirm that my items weren’t STOLEN and that they would keep track of all the items I sold. It was an extremely EMBARRASSING moment to be treated like a criminal for simply wanting to sell some of my overstock merchandise. She was incredibly rude and handled the situation terribly.The manager and the other employees get 5 stars.I am an honest person and run an honest business and would never steal merchandise to sell to a Buy/Sell/Trade store.

Review №26

Literally can never leave without buying something!!

Review №27

I feel like a bunch of people have rated this place a 1 star because they dont like how the employees look or dress? I think thats pretty ridiculous and sounds like a retaliation for them not buying as much of your clothes as you wanted. This place is consistent, affordable and fun. Ive been here about 50 times and have never had a bad experience.

Review №28

Cool spot! Great variety. Great brands. Prices are reasonable.

Review №29

1st time visiting this business. Found it as I was looking for a place to hopefully take some dressy/golf pants and some button down shirt (also a little more on the dressy side), and based on the business website thought I might finally have found a place to do so. Unfortunately for me that wasnt the case as they are still more toward the casual side of the industry (MAJOR HINT-Someone needs to jump on that market cause you would make a klling...I would if I could), but leans slightly toward a more upscale selection from what I could tell.Prices from what I took notice of were very reasonable, and the two associates who tried to assist me (I knew it probably wouldnt happen anyway) were very pleasant to speak with, and also gave me some direction to try for getting rid of my items. Will absolutely be returning very soon to see if I find some of the same type items I saw on this first visit (hope it wasnt just right time beginners luck).

Review №30

Decent place to sell clothes. Shoe selection can be pretty good.Clothes are on the pricey side considering their condition a lot of the time. Store could be updated too.

Review №31

They say when times get rough u see a persons true character and this little cov19 has really shown peoples true colors. Dont plan on doing any future business with this organization or company. They are handling the customers and their affairs uncomfortably.Oh and the venmo app that they are using 2 pay customers secretly took money out of my account twice! Good thing I check it frequently..

Review №32

Most of the things are overpriced and you can get a better selection at the Platos Closet, consignment or thrift shops. They had really unique items. Things were relatively easy to find. The sales associate greeted us when we walked in. They were organized by size. My kids liked the store but I felt like other thrift shops have more competitive prices.

Review №33

Great collection. Completely breath-taking selection, perfect staff that was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. A must-visit.

Review №34

I used the mail in optiom. Yo fill a bag with clothes. Send it back. I sent about 25 items. Not junk. I figured Id get $20 conservatively. My check is around 6 bucs. Total Rip off.Completelyc ripping people off.

Review №35

Quality items, decent prices. Super friendly and helpful staff. Love this place. Theyre also pretty fair on the prices they give for your clothes; but selective. They cant take everything and that makes perfect sense. If you bring anything in to sell, wash it first. Whatever you bring in goes straight out onto the racks for sale.

Review №36

This Buffalo Exchange is in the Little Five Points area of Atlanta. Parking here is VERY limited as the lot is being shared by 3+ other stores. However, once you find parking it will be worth the hassle. Every visit there is something new to be found here. All the clothing is either very gently worn or unworn at all and all of it is trendy. They really make sure to keep the store packed with really cool items that are unique. They also have a vintage clothing section that is cool too if you are into that style. This is not consignment as far as I know but they do buy or offer store credit for your trendy gently used clothing, bags, shoes, hats, and jewelry.

Review №37

I love going here. Every time I go, I generally take a back pack or two of clothes to trade! They usually take about 1/3 of what I bring it. And I get at least $50 dollars in trade or $30 in cash. I usually take the trade, because I love going there and almost always find something I like. I have tried selling my clothes at a lot of places and this place takes more than anywhere else! The staff is SO helpful and nice. When Im shopping there if I have more than three items in my hand someone comes over and asks if they can start a dressing room, I usually ask the to hold while I continue to shop! I recommend going there, especially if you like vintage pieces!

Review №38

The vibe is very much hipster millennial culture and very indie. One of my larger qualms is they are very picky about what they want. Like some might say overly so. Good finds, but can be pricey. Staff is friendly. Not bad, not great

Review №39

My first time shopping at buffalo exchange. Very good experience and I ended up buying two new pairs of shoes and some jeans for $40. Prices and brands are unmatched. The employees are dope as well.

Review №40

I said hi to the clerk, and he didnt even look at me. Just went right into the information about what he was looking for. No hello back, no smile, actually a pretty rude look with no customer service skills even attempted. I had brand new black leather knee-high boots, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Express, crisp white and blue trainers, a jacket, vests, sweaters, t-shirts, and dresses in excellent condition. He didnt take anything, barely looked at them, and asked that I leave the counter while he sifted through it all. Did the same to the people before me. So, ok. If you dont want to purchase anything people bring in, thats fine. The girl next to him working the other register was looking at him like he should have taken some of it, and she seemed to actually be looking at the items for purchase/friendly. All of that aside, he probably hates the job and it shows. If youre looking to buy from the store, its a cute place with cute things. Just avoid this guy. Somethings wrong with him.

Review №41

Prices are not exceptional. They are very selective about what they buy (think modern hipster-chic) from you. Fair selection. Cool location.

Review №42

I usually shop here for the perfect dress for all occasions.You can sell clothes here and get either cash or store credit towards future purchase.Staff is very fashion forward and extremely pleasant.

Review №43

Great selection of trendy/funky clothing at reasonable rates

Review №44

I love this store, I love the people who work in it, and theres always parking down on the residential streets. Ive been buying all of my clothes here for years and my taste has improved dramatically because they only take good stuff!

Review №45

TLDR: have low expectationsSelling clothes: terrible. Customer service was truly disappointing. The associate who was working with me was unclear about the information taken from the drivers license, short when I inquired about the information, and ultimately, so rude that it has tainted the selling and shopping experience at buffalo exchange. The associate was blatantly judgmental of the clothes I brought in and valued them extremely low even though there were pieces from Zara, Urban Outfitters, and J. Crew. I ended up choosing not to sell. I am not angry because the associate may have had a tough day or some unseen struggles, but nevertheless the service should have been better.That said, I noticed two of the other associates seemed to be much more respectful and able to deliver a more positive experience. It is the luck of the draw and the day, so try your luck if you feel so inclined.I would urge the management at Buffalo Exchange to streamline the training process of associates to create positive experiences for everyone-from buyers to sellers to associates.

Review №46

Decent sized space. Employees welcomed me when I walked in and were very friendly. They are VERY selective of what they take so if you are looking to really sell, Id go elsewhere. They are a few doors down from Urban Outfitters and I think thats really the aesthetic they are going for; high waisted bottoms, music festival type wear and what not.

Review №47

My favorite store! Such a cool place, very laid back and all the workers are lovely. They are super picky about what clothes they take from you regardless of how nice they are which is kind of annoying when they have lots of worn out not so cute things in the store. Besides that one thing everything else is awesome. Prices are higher for what it is but if you only come here and there its not a big deal. I tell everyone about this place!

Review №48

They are selective but thats because they know what sells in the area better than I do and are supplying good quality brands from the looks of it. I didnt mind the give backs, just took them to platos! I had a great time shopping here along with a good customer service experience while checking out. I had one item i found a stain when I got home..But Hey its used clothes! I would come here too many times a month if I lived closer! Thank gosh I dont. :P

Review №49

Dope clothes, moderate prices, and all together designer items for less! Sell your stuff there too or trade in for some of your cute findings. I shop, sell, and trade here all the time. Pretty cool place ;)

Review №50

I love this store. Of all the places you can sell to, this place definitely gives you the most money, compared to other shops in Atlanta. Plus they give you 50 percent trade-in value, so I’ve gotten so many Birkenstocks, MuMu clothing, Kate Spade bags, etc. for literally the cost of free clothes that I didn’t want anymore and was going to take to Goodwill anyways. Plus the employees are always so sweet and friendly.

Review №51

Lots of cute finds for men and women! Very nice selection and not a lot of junk that you find at most thrift stores.

Review №52

I went during the day in the middle of the week & had no wait to sell my clothes, get a dressing room, or check out! If its not currently trendy or unique, they wont buy it. I took store credit instead of cash, got some new pants & got the rest of my trade on a card for later.

Review №53

Terrible. The black womsn with the short blonde hair is not very friendly. Rago Rama or Plato’s off of Druid Hills

Review №54

I often sell clothing here its a great fast and friendly experience

Review №55

Super pricey and nothing quite eye catching

Review №56

The staff was very nice. they were all smiles and I appreciated that. The problem i have with this store is I brought in so much stuff, clothes and accessories I never wore that still had tags and they only took two of my Items and the price they gave me was not nearly as much as what the two items were worth. I looked around the store and the selection for clothing (at least for females) wasnt that great at all.

Review №57

Friendly, helpful staff. Clean. Good brands and quality clothing. I always find something good here.

Review №58

I love selling my clothes here and even more: buying clothes here! They have a great selection and I love how they donate part of their proceeds to a charity of your choice!

Review №59

Cool and eclectic location. Not far from little five points. Great customer service with good selection of clothes

Review №60

This place is usually jam packed with clothes and other accessories, so be prepared for some digging and tight spaces. They dont have much of a backstock so when youre selling they tend to be incredibly selective. Bring your own bag, especially if youre walking around, they dont have them. You can find a lot of good stuff here, but be prepared to find some pieces that have holes, rips or stains.

Review №61

So Two stars for the friendliness of the staff however the sell your items could be a bit more specific about what style of clothing you should bring in so one doesnt waste time coming there so while waiting so I am hearing the dressed clothes for like interviewing they are accepting maybe it was to just soften the blow to the lady they were currently helping so that made me feel a bit ok about the things I had with me so now its my turn which was 2 pairs of never worn shoes high heels wasnt what they are looking for and one outfit one could wear in summer or winter no print wasnt accepted ok so the lady next to hear says we need more mens clothing I had that as well a pair or $150 pair of sneakers never worn and a jean Rockawear mens light jacket but to be told to try the internet ok so what are you guys looking for but what I seen was accepted and old pair or Chuck Taylors worn ok now I get it so if its old and used its acceptable Im confused I figured well just suggesting put on your website the style of clothing you buy so one doesnt waste 30 mins of driving and was my first visit so if you dont accept my plain style of clothing no need for me to shop there as for another visit itsa NO!! for me thanks anyways

Review №62

You can find better deals and greater variety at a real thrift store. Buffalo Exchanges are meant for the lazy trust-fund hipsters of the world. Youre better than that.

Review №63

Always get good money for my clothes and they have excellent selection for all sizes

Review №64

Great items and service!

Review №65

Great merchandise at discount prices.I go there 3-4 times a week.

Review №66

Went to sale a few items but was tempted a lot by the items already on sale.

Review №67

If you want to find something really good. you have to work there. Then you put it on hold. So customers CANT BUY IT.

Review №68

I love Buffulo Exchange its a very nice store to show at I love shopping here all the time .

Review №69

I LOVE this place...the clothing, the workers, the prices, the atmosphere, the favorite one stop shop for me AND my boyfriend. They always have EXACTLY what Im looking for...which is everything in the store!!!

Review №70

Great place to shop. All of the workers are wonderful.

Review №71

I came to sell clothes majority of them was brand new ,even brand new purses ! She barely looked at them and told me she can not take them . So the next day I sent my Caucasian friend in there to the same lady and she bought majority of the clothes smh I think thats very racism and will never send or shop here again . horrible customer service 😣

Review №72

Great selection of clothes, reasonable prices, good customer service.

Review №73

I always find things of good value here and the staff is really nice

Review №74

The staff is friendly. They offer more money for your clothes than Platos Closet by far. I see people complaining that they wont offer them full price for items that still have price tags, but understand this is basically a consignment store, if they buy it from you full price then they would have to sell it to the customer for a rediculas amount. Although some items do seem overpriced, they do have a good selection.However, the staff is inconsistent with the stuff they look for day to day. One girl took nothing from a bag of clothes I had. I went back the following week with the same stuff and some new stuff. A different girl took 9 items of the old stuff I was just denied the week before.They reject your clothes kindly by saying the styles you have are diffucilt to sell right now but will mention what they are looking for like high waisted jeans which was something they just rejected from you. Hmmm...

Review №75

Wonderful selection of the latest styles and vintage! Great sales staff

Review №76

Always changing selection, plenty of fun articles and work clothes

Review №77

Occasionally come by here and find some decent things. Worth a visit as their selection is quite nice.

Review №78

I had a very fun first time experience.

Review №79

This place is awesome. The next time I find myself needing to revamp my closet this place will be my first stop!

Review №80

Such friendly staff! I was able to sell some of my clothes here, prices were decent but not exceptional---HOWEVER, I would definitely recommend getting the store credit but not cash cuz you just might find some amaaaazing gems. I thrifted a great condition winter down coat for $22, and an Equipment cashmere sweater (retail ~$200) for $28, and theres still some extra left for the store credit for me to pick up some super cute ironing emoji stickers. Came back a second time, only to find a BURBERRY mens shirt for $30, are you kidding me!?? And third time I came, I found an Equipment dress (retail ~$200) for $65, which is a bit pricy but definitely a steal, as well as a stripe print shirt that I adoooore for $10. This place is amazing and full of gems. The staff are fun and friendly. Definitely recommend!!!!

Review №81

Awesome place to buy and sell.. the staff is Professional and Alert.

Review №82

One unfriendly employee in particular Dayshia was her name? Koolaidandrea? Same difference? Anyways, I asked to speak to a manager and of course she made up some excuse as to why I cant. Not to mention every time I walk into the actual store there is a problem.

Review №83

Theyre really nice and pay you more for your old clothes than rag-o-rama or platos closet

Review №84

I dont blame the staff, just the management for keeping this place constantly understaffed. The closest comparison I have to going to buffalo exchange is going to the dmv. Not good

Review №85

Great place to shop

Review №86

Less expensive than Rago rama! And it has a more range in clothes selection😍

Review №87

Options are great for the late teens to mid twenties age group

Review №88

Could be better organized but still love it.

Review №89

Great selection and reasonable prices!

Review №90

Love this place for great brands and unique finds at reasonable prices!

Review №91

I traveled from kennesaw all the way to Atlanta just to not be helped , starred at the whole time and also while having the atmosphere not be comfortable at all (not to mention the pricing for items with stains and print comming off of them) , there are 3 places near me I can go for the same things with better service next time I will just stay here , I would not recommend this place (to many stuck up people)

Review №92

Solid stuff. If youre average size, there were some serious finds to be had.

Review №93

Staff is 100! Trades are pretty good too

Review №94

Alittle pricy for a thrift store

Review №95

Buffalo Exchange Jewelry Selection is the Best and Least Expensive in Atlanta

Review №96

Only took one out of like thirty things. They are very VERY particular about what they take. Wasted my time.

Review №97

This place is Trash!... no kind of structure when you walk-in.😵👎

Review №98

Hipster, doofus second hand store with great finds

Review №99

A little pricey, but they offer huge selections and the staff were as friendly as ever!

Review №100

Kind of smelly. Deals on shoes, bags, accessories, clothing not so much.

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:1057 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 404-817-0921
  • Consignment shop
  • Used clothing store
  • Costume store
  • Thrift store
  • Vintage clothing store
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–7PM
  • Thursday:11AM–7PM
  • Friday:11AM–7PM
  • Saturday:11AM–7PM
  • Sunday:11AM–7PM
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Buys used goods:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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