Out of the Closet - Atlanta
1858 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324, United States
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We were amazed by the selection and great prices here. The employee we met was so delightful and gave us great tips on what to do in the city. We each got a couple new wardrobe pieces for under $20. I also love that they have a full pharmacy and support the LGBTQ community!

Review №2

Horrible. I offered a loveseat and a rocking chair for pickup. They consider THIS too much wear and tear for FREE furniture. It was my job (411, 115lbs) to move all of this outside just for them to refuse to pick it up. On a rainy day.Will NEVER donate and will NEVER buy.

Review №3

Absolutely amazing. Best thrift store I have ever been to!

Review №4

I love this place. They do some amazing things for the community and you can always find unique clothes and shoes here for men and women. They also have interesting bric-a-brac mixed in with books and records. Great thrift store with amazing community services.

Review №5

Found good selection of clothes here!Small but quality selection which is great because I didnt have to rummage through rows of clothes.Friendly associates who greeted us and asked if we wanted to sign up for the rewards programIt was well decorated and they seem to also sell furniture and have free HIV testing and pharmacy

Review №6

My favorite thrift shop. there is a wide selection and reasonable prices

Review №7

Great Quality clothing wonderful customer service Pharmacy is nice stories very clean very organized smells lovely wonderful staff lots of nice name brand clothing for cheap

Review №8

I was reluctant to write a review because I dont want my secret to get out, this place is amazing. they have great furniture n the staff is nice, very helpful and the place is so fun. I drop in all the time I could literally be a designer for my friends because Im always buying things for their homes. high-end selection low prices. I always find something. I bought a Keurig that works for $4.99. I mean really!!!

Review №9

Friendly staff and good selection for womens clothes, especially for larger sizing. Found a few gems in the kitchen section!

Review №10

Very cool little thrift store kinda a little bit of everything and they also has the pharmacy located inside everybody there school

Review №11

This was a great experience. I went to get the HIV testing. It’s great to know your status. Lorenzo administered my test and walked me through everything. He made me feel comfortable from beginning to end. Everything went well and I’d recommend this site to anyone how just wants to know their status.

Review №12

Honestly I really wanted to love this place, it seems like community refuge, somewhere where you could go and be accepted Dot when I first walked into the door I was greeted by a very rude cashier. She was very short, cold, had a very bad attitude, she was defensive, refused to tell me where I should go and who can help me, it was very intimidating, and she followed me and intimidated me while I sat and waited for my appointment.. I was sitting next to some bags and she started putting things away next to me, throwing a bag almost hitting me. This is supposed to be a place of refuge and to feel safe, the coldness is unnecessary. You never know what people are going through, they came here for safety, and you immediately made the energy mean and weary.... I will never recommend this place, I will stay far away, very unwelcoming....

Review №13

Small but wonderful thrift shop that also has FREE and discreet HIV testing...good prices...nice people

Review №14

A small but well selected array of clothes for all seasons/occasions. Thought it was especially cool they do free HIV testing.

Review №15

Not a normal thrift store, they have very interesting clothes, and a limited amount of furniture. Inside the store you might gradually see that we train our recruits for 3 weeks.

Review №16

Well, i bought some clothes here. took home and washed. still got scabies from them.

Review №17

Great prices, clean merchandise, friendly staff... what more can you ask for?

Review №18

Always find something here! $1 womens shoes indefinitely, Tuesdays are senior day (60+)

Review №19

Its great place to thrift shop. The prices are low, and youre bound to find something. Great place to buy jeans.

Review №20

Just literally called and got the worst customer service ever ... Thanks for making me feel better about this disease your rudeness was so helpful. Who ever she was is in the wrong field of work . Ill find somewhere else who cares actually forThe sick.... Despicable

Review №21

I went in today for a free HIV test & had a great experience. The sales staff was very friendly & helpful & the store itself was clean & organized. As far as my test, Lorenzo was the person who took care of me. You take the test via blood from your finger w/ results within 1 minute. Lorenzo was very nice, extremely knowledgeable, & made the process quick & easy. I reccomend this location for shopping & testing.

Review №22

Literally loved every second of it

Review №23

The people here are simply wonderful. I always find something amazing (they always have one color tag 30% off, one 50% off, and one only $1!) My best find here was a beautiful purple wool Steve Madden coat for $1. It is so clean and well-organized, even non-thrifters will love shopping here! Its for a wonderful cause, and you will have a blast!

Review №24

It was my first time there and I was surprised by what they had, and the clerk was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend to my friends.

Review №25

Great second hand thrift shop and free HIV testing and pharmacy

Review №26

Would recommend the testing, pharmacy, and shopping experience! They have cool stuff and the proceeds go to a vital resource in our community

Review №27

Awesome staff. Great finds for dirt cheap. Found a Hugo Boss dress shirt in perfect condition for $4 (pink tag half off of $8). Are you kidding me!?

Review №28

This place so so great! First the idea is awesome, second the store itself is awesome. All the employees were super friendly and everything was neatly a arranged. We found some cute things and well definitely be back soon.

Review №29

One of best thrift stores Ive ever been to. Affordable prices and fun atmosphere.

Review №30

Awesome quality merchandise, reasonably priced! Super nice staff, clean and well organized. Definetly one of the best thrift experiences in Atlanta!

Review №31

Went in for testing and the staff was great ! I called before hand and they were super nice on the phone as well :)

Review №32

Im so glad theres an Out of the Closet in Atlanta. When I lived in South Florida the one in Ft. Lauderdale was great! I love that they offer free testing as well. Their counselors are knowledgeable, I recommend you stop by. 😊

Review №33

Love this place. Great little store with some awesome clothes, furniture, household items, and books. Clean and super friendly staff

Review №34

The racks were bulging with finds and the ambiance chatty; A hidden gem to lift my spirits. Also loved the one on Polk how did I overlook Folsom?

Review №35

I went to get a HIV test because my father is HIV positive and has been covering it up. I found a letter from his doctor. I immediately called out of the closet. When I got there I filled out my info it took about 2-3 mins. After that I waited maybe 30 seconds then was called in to do the test I sat down the administer poked my finger. The poke didnt hurt at all. He asked me a series of questions. Then he mixed my blood samples. He read me my results (they were negative). I was done it was that simple. Everyone should go get tested. Its better to know then to wait until its too late. They also have counselors there just incase you come back positive.

Review №36

They have a good selection of clothes. My only negative thing is when thrift stores that pay nothing for the items they sell should just have one price for all items. I was looking at coffee cups and they were all marked different prices.

Review №37

The guy, whom took down the Christmas tree. Five 🌟s🤗

Review №38

I encourage everybody NOT to shop here. AVOID THIS BUSINESS AND SHOP AT OTHER THRIFT STORES.The current manager, Demario, is one of the rudest people I have ever encountered in my life. And I am not exaggerating here.Not only has he acted unnecessarily snobby to me, but he also said, I have been in your store and I know that a majority of your merchandise comes from our shop. This was said to me AFTER I encouraged him to visit Decades Antiques and Vintage, the business I manage; Decades Antiques and Vintage is two buildings down from Out of The Closet.I am here to say that NO, the majority of the merchandise at Decades Antiques and Vintage DOES NOT come from Out of The Closet. And even if it did, WHAT WOULD IT MATTER, BEING THAT BOTH BUSINESSES ARE IN A RESALE/RETAIL SETTING?Its very unfortunate that Demario has such an ignorant and condescending attitude because Out of The Closet and Decades Antiques and Vintage could be working together in increasing business.Demario acts like his position is more important than the VISION and MISSION of Out of The Closet. He has created a very unpleasant atmosphere at OoTc, which is in sharp contrast to the laid-back and comfortable vibe at Decades Antiques and Vintage.DO NOT SUPPORT OUT OF THE CLOSET ATLANTA! IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR RAPID HIV-TESTING IN ATLANTA, THERE ARE OTHER SOURCES SUCH AS POSITIVE IMPACT.IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A THRIFT STORE TO SHOP AT, SUPPORT THE GOODWILLS AND SALVATION ARMIES IN ATLANTA. VISIT ATLANTA STEP UP SOCIETY INSTEAD OF OUT OF THE CLOSET.VISIT THE MULTIPLE ANTIQUE MALLS IN ATLANTA FOR BETTER FINDS AND DEALS.Until the management at Out of The Closet is restructured and they assume responsibility for the way their staff treats their customers, this is the LAST place you will want to visit if you are looking for a pleasant shopping experience.AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!

Review №39

Avoid this business at all costs and DO NOT donate to them or support them by buying their merchandise!The manager, Demario (spelling?), is one of the rudest people I have ever met, not just in a retail setting, but also in my entire life. His attitude is unnecessarily condescending. I reported his behavior to the district manager and Demario was allegedly reprimanded. However, this did absolutely nothing in changing how Demario treated me and my boyfriend (my boyfriend is the manager of a business two buildings down).Demario was reported a second time by me to HEADQUARTERS in California. They did absolutely nothing in claiming responsibility for Demarios behavior and basically said, If you dont like how we run our business you can shop somewhere else. You know what? I WILL take my business elsewhere.Not only am I a client of AHF, but I have donated numerous times to this location and also purchased their merchandise on multiple visits. After my two insane encounters with Demario, I avoid this business and refuse to support them. I have told everybody I know NOT TO shop there or support them.Demario needs a serious attitude adjustment. What do I want to say to him?DEMARIO, YOU ARE NOT THE FACE OF OUT OF THE CLOSET.PLEASE ADJUST YOUR EGO AND EAT A SLICE OF HUMBLE PIE.TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS WITH RESPECT AND MAYBE YOU WONT HAVE THESE CRAZY INCIDENTS WITH YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS AND FUTURE POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS.IF YOU CONTINUE ACTING SNOBBY AND LIKE YOURE ABOVE EVERYBODY ELSE, YOUR BUSINESS WILL SUFFER.Its an absolute shame what has happened to Out Of The Closet Atlanta; before Demario became manager, shopping there was a pleasant experience. Not anymore!DO NOT SHOP HERE! AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!

Review №40

The worst service EVER! The manager was so rude and wanted to close 22 minutes EARLY. He told us we had 30 seconds to get out, which is ridiculous. When I asked why he was extremely rude and then when I told him he didn’t need to be so rude he threw all the stuff I was going to get across the counter. I hope they do not treat patients this way. I will be reporting this testing site as well. Absolutely terrible. You lost not only a paying customer but also I will make sure to tell everyone I know to never step foot in this location.

Review №41

Prices close to Goodwill. Inventory is better. Great cause. Id recommend for any thrifter in the area.

Review №42

I was greeted when I enter the store and ask me did I needed any help with anything very nice store I was told about their discount color coded tickets found some very nice things I will be back very good customer service

Review №43

Most helpful and efficient in getting my donations out of the house. Pleasant to work with and I would highly recommend using them.

Review №44

The staff at out of the closet is a treasure! Big hugs to helpful and funny. What a doll!

Review №45

The staff was amazing and the tech made us feel very comfortable and welcomed, I recommend this place for your rapid HIV test it’s a MUST you know you status! Shop while you wait as well!

Review №46

So great Im hesitant to give it a good review! Its wonderful, so bring your best stuff here.

Review №47

Its the best place prices are great! All for a good cause.

Review №48

Clean, organized store. Nice furniture, lots of clothes. Benefits AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Free HIV testing and a pharmacy.

Review №49

My favorite stress relief...

Review №50

Great store, good selection, value and cleanliness

Review №51

Great thrift, especially for fashionable mens clothes; also fund and provide HIV testing and care and support the community!

Review №52

Pretty great place, good selection of things, nice clothes, friendly people!

Review №53

Super clean and fast service. one of my new favorite thrift stores to visit

Review №54

Cool store with a mission. They have nice used clothes for great prices.

Review №55

I often go in for the HIV testing,and it always fast,friendly,and personal.

Review №56

Great long as you dont plan on working there.

Review №57

Great and clean items. Staff are friendly and funny.

Review №58

Nice store, benefits hiv-aids program. Take bus 27 from Lindbergh or midtown.

Review №59

Nice service. Friendly staff and great music.

Review №60

Absolutely LOVE this place!

Review №61

Great bargains great environment Plus its an asset to the community.

Review №62

Friendly people, great prices and serves a great cause.

Review №63

Nice lay out and money helps the gay community

Review №64

Whack. Barely any womens clothing. Prices are okay I guess. 8.99 for a womens blazer. Pricey thrift store, like goodwill.

Review №65

Very clean and organized thrift store

Review №66

LGBTQ community thrift store that supports local HIV/AIDS programs

Review №67

An awesome and friendly environmentThe employees are wonderful!

Review №68

Good place and great staff

Review №69

You can find anything for a good cause

Review №70

It is ok second store part is way over priced..

Review №71

Went for testing, suppose to open at 10am. Person near showed, was told they would in at 12:30. Called back to be told wont be in today. However, store manager stated email sent stated 12:30 the petson would be in.

Review №72

Great place and for a great cause.

Review №73

It was a quick test

Review №74

Love this place!

Review №75

Great selection for a thrift store

Review №76

Low cost fair selection

Review №77

Nice thrifty

Review №78

Awesome deals

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  • Address:1858 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 470-447-6473
  • Clothing store
  • Thrift store
  • Furniture store
  • Non-profit organization
  • Second hand store
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–7PM
  • Thursday:10AM–7PM
  • Friday:10AM–7PM
  • Saturday:10AM–6PM
  • Sunday:10AM–7PM
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Buys used goods:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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