Review №1

It was anniversary sale starting from today, already lots of sale products were gone and sold out. I was there from the first day of sale, I wonder how could they keep this sale with no sale priducts for the later today. Just few quantity with good deals. If you go late, there will be nothing left. But their sale deals are actually worth it, pretty good deals. If anyone looking forward to go shopping, youd better to go for the first day and early as possible before all sold out.

Review №2

Ok , the shoes! Need i say more? Some interesting items in terms of clothing, but its Vancouver......mostly boring

Review №3

One of my fave dept stores. Great selection of clothing and accessories, friendly and knowledgeable staff and a great location.

Review №4

The store is excellent and the customer service is equally excellent... but they dont stock regular product anymore ... they would get a higher rating if they kept their regular products stocked ... Ive gone back several times over the last few months or more particularly in the make up department and they have very little to no stock available.. I just cant seem to restock my personal items anymore and its extremely frustrating... its frustrating for the sales agents also but nothing changes.

Review №5

If youre looking for luxury brands you can find them there at the Nordstrom Vancouver flagship store. They had very friendly staff and and got an extra clean washrooms. Huge selection of highly curated highly stylish clothing, cosmetics, accessories, shoes, jewelries etc. Theres nothing cheap at the store, the style is high, quality fantastic, and the selection expansive. Highly recommended.

Review №6

I love going to Nordstrom.They have all the brands in one store.

Review №7

The Bistro on the top floor is a go-to spot for me and my work guests. The jewelry options on the ground floor are stunning. A great place also to buy jeans and having them hemmed for free!

Review №8

One stop Shop Georgia and Granville. Nice selection of designer clothes and shoes and bags.

Review №9

Today I met very kind and helpful person here, want to get pair of shoes and she was the most helpful one. Thanks Crystal and wish you all the best. Appreciate your assistance 🙌🙌

Review №10

I love finding things from here!PS are friendly and helpful. And staff are always nice to talk with. Love the collections and brands here!

Review №11

Cute pajamas...just what I was looking for....great ambiance too

Review №12

The bar inside of Nordstrom is a good place to rest after shopping.

Review №13

Best shopping experience of my entire life. If you are looking for service and are from the USA, it is like travelling back in time and experiencing customer service from the Sixties, without the bigotry and racism. Salespersons were genuinely helpful, going out of their way to assist my wife and I. They make displaying clothes completely functional again, whereas in the USA we just cram as many clothes in as small of an ara as possible and hope customers can find what they are looking for on their own. Not this place, everything is on display to stand out and catch your eye from half way across the store. Super clean and extremely functional store.

Review №14

Was kind of surprised that they have clothing at reasonable prices too, everyone knows they have crazy priced high brand items but wasnt expecting a 50 dollar nike hoodie for example

Review №15

Clean and well staffed, centrally located in the downtown shopping area.

Review №16

We went to the womens department. We had a lovely young lady by the name of Jasmine that helped us find a dress for my daughter. She was so very helpful and worked hard to find us a dress. We ended up buying two!! A wonderful store to find just about anything.

Review №17

Christian by the mens fragrance area was very good. He was super nice, informative and offered to help us with whatever we needed. He is very knowledgeable about what he us talking about. Definitely recommend Christian as he is just simply an amazing person!

Review №18

They have sections for reduced priced items and on sale if you dont intend to pay for the full price.

Review №19

Great service in relaxing cool place. Salad good but not exceptional.

Review №20

Get yourself Daniel in the shoe department. This man is phenomenal. He went above and beyond, not only did he help select my perfect shoe for my wedding, he helped in selecting accessories. He is a 10 star employee and deserves the accolades. Service 7 out of 5!

Review №21

Alvin helped me find the right shoe size, he must have been dizzy when I left after I tried more than 10 different sizes of different designer shoes! Youre the best! Thank you very much!

Review №22

Ordered a Barbour jacket for my daughter but got the wrong size. Went back to Nordstrom to made an exchange. Zabira from ladies dress department gave me a great help and was very effective. Thank you, Zabira, and Paul. All the best.

Review №23

Fancy department store and one of the flagship stores at Pacific Center. Has its own bar and cafe and lots of high end boutiques. Inside is modern and well laid out. Sales associates are hard to find and typically not in the best of moods. Not very helpful staff. Store is usually very busy. Mall has underground parking and Nordstrom has its own valet service.

Review №24

Rude, racist employees and lazy customer service. I was shopping and browsing around the beauty section as well as the Men’s section and could not get proper assistance. I am also pretty certain I was racially profiled in the makeup section. Very uncomfortable experience and I won’t be returning any time soon.

Review №25

Coco of the mens department gave me excellent service. She anticipated my needs and went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable while shopping. Thanks Coco!

Review №26

Nordstrom has always been a pleasure experience. All the designer clothes and the great shoes. They always seem to have a sale and or discounts

Review №27

Bistro Verde at Nordstrom is one of my favorite restaurants in Vancouver. The food is absolutely amazing. You can never go wrong with any food on the menu.

Review №28

Great selection - and the most amazing things to look at are the display fixtures! Some amazing woodwork!

Review №29

The place is good and idle for shopping in Vancouver..

Review №30

Nordstrom is an amazing institution. We all find the perfect item we are looking for, except at Nordstrom, its slightly better. The best thing I experience happens when I am least expecting.I noticed this beautiful light fixture thats like a sculpture in motion. Unexpectedly interesting from every angle. Dynamic, delicate, energetic and sparkling.

Review №31

SHOUT OUT to Sandi for helping me out ! I was very well taken care of here! and the staff goes the extra mile ! !!try the WONDERS , super lite and cute and very comfortable with lots of colors to choose from.

Review №32

I came into the store l looking to purchase some items for myself and my family. Carolina from the Womens Active department was very helpful! She went above and beyond my expectations. Would definitely recommend shopping here!

Review №33

Great store with top brands. Something for everyone and good, friendly staff. Enjoyed the shopping experience and enjoyed their selection of Gucci.

Review №34

Always good food...right on the water. Great place to hang out. Excellent service as well

Review №35

We discovered after leaving the store we were given a different product than what we had chosen.Then when we returned to get the right product in exchange, there was a price difference. We were not reimbursed the money but given a gift card for the difference.Service was good until we made our choice then we were handed off to someone else who mixed up our purchase. Then upon doing the exchange same thing. Got the right product then handed off to someone else who didnt know how to exchange. Then handed off to someone else, who then couldnt get the money difference back on my debit card. And was informed it would have to on a gift card.This is supposed to be high end shopping experience.Go to the Bay across the street.

Review №36

Very nice place for shopping

Review №37

Nice quality choices. Great service every time. Good selection. Always a good shop!

Review №38

Love it there. Great selections. Quality stuff.

Review №39

Quick trip for a pair of Good Man Brand shoes.. Mikey & Chad (I think that was the other associate) were awesome to work with

Review №40

Love shopping here. You can find almost all luxurious brands under one roof

Review №41

Whether Im just in the mood to browse or Im beelining it to a specific department, I always enjoy visiting the store. The variety is fantastic, and the layout is so aesthetically pleasing.Ryan at the La Prairie counter is an absolute sweetheart and when I do my seasonal visit to pick up my moms skincare products, Im delighted when hes working. Not only is he super knowledgeable about the products, his energy and enthusiasm always brings a smile to my face.

Review №42

Decent quality nice store with good atmosphere, very pricy since it is all designer. Does what it is set out to do

Review №43

Got racially profiled here, great store though

Review №44

Super easy I decided to go with online shopping and curbside pickup and it was super simple and much less stressful than walking around doing my shopping and having the worry of covid on my shoulders! Definitely will be going back to do more shopping there in the near future.

Review №45

Staff are nice but not overly friendly or helpful. Its stocked with every brand one can expect at high end retail. Decent place to find a gift for a loved one. What more can be said its Nordstrom.

Review №46

Crowded unmanagedSocial distances not controlNot safe place to go with family

Review №47

Although the prices are a bit high, their presentation, organisation and customer service makes up for it! The employees are always super helpful and welcoming!We were told that you can return products at any time and that theres no time limit! We had a lot of fun browsing through the products!The checkout process was fast!

Review №48

White chocolate bread pudding is one of a kind. Highly recommend, also great shopping experience with @bismambhatti

Review №49

I bought a shirt online. I never received a confirmation email, I didn’t have a charge on my credit card - I had no idea if the order went through or not. I received the shirt after 2 weeks, I wasn’t even aware it was being shipped. The entire purchasing process was so unclear and not user friendly. My first and last time shopping with Nordstrom. I would rather support small business, they do a way better job.

Review №50

I spent one hour in the store and NOONE greeted me or asked me if I needed any help! VERY LAZY CUSTOMER SERVICE! DISGUSTING!

Review №51

Disappointed with the selection of the more affordable quality shoe brands like Sorel. The shoe department must cater to those with more disposable income than me. I havent found this to be the case at other Nordstroms.

Review №52

I was at the men’s cologne for a good half hour testing Creed Aventus and some other colognes was help by JC and another guy trying it myself then this guy name Christian just walk in literally probably about to start his shifts and told me I’m not allowed to touch any cologne for safety reason, I told him 2 guys help me but never said anything then he told me that it his counter and that he makes the policy. Wow! I would probably not to touch if he could’ve just ask me if I needed help first and ask my interest then tell me his policy.I went to Holt Renfrew and they allowed everyone to touch the bottle for testing even Sephora. I think this is Christian’s policy not company policy, Christian i bought two colognes because of CJ who allows me to try out myself, I bought Hermes from Holt Renfrew who again allowed me to test it out myself if you’re helping 3 or more people I don’t think anyone is willing to wait because of your personal policy.Also when I ask CJ for a sample of Creed Aventus since creed has some batches that doesn’t last long he went back to grab it for me then came back said Christians wouldn’t let him. Talk about taking things so personal I didn’t even talk to him in a rude way.I’m all for keeping it safe and all but to try out colognes? I mean they let me try out clothes to my body.

Review №53

Pretty good, but looks more like Nordstrom Rack in much of the store compared to bigger better cities.

Review №54

You will love your shopping in the pacific centre.

Review №55

We went there to do some windoe shopping and have a cocktail and do some people watching. The cockyails were great and the atmosphere was chill. 10 out of 10, will go again.

Review №56

Oooo oooo get that YSL

Review №57

Very helpful and large selection. My wife was able to try on the shoes she wanted and buy them as opposed to guessing with online shopping.

Review №58

Wow, this is where all the rich folk mingle! Hmm I should snag a shrink or Dr perhaps a big shot lawyer here!

Review №59

As always, Nordstrom delivers an extensive line of the best luxe brands and latest styles.Customer service is attentive, warm without being invasive.Excellent store design and great use of lighting

Review №60

Nordstrom Pacific Centre is a great department to shop. They offers a wide variety of mid to high end merchandise. Great customer services. Staffs are always around to help. Love to shops during Nordstrom’s anniversary sale.

Review №61

Expensive place to go shopping unless money is not a problem. They do carry a lot of high-end products and brand names

Review №62

Christina was excellent to deal with , took her time to show us around and made our purchase easier 😀

Review №63

Farhood helped us on our search for wedding heels; although we didn’t end up buying any that day, he helped us understand the different options and prices. We really appreciated his suggestions! Will definitely be going back to Nordstrom in the future.

Review №64

I keep shopping from here because of Tina (beauty section) she is the best staff ive ever met in vancouverYou will never disappointed for her amazing serviceHow lucky that nordstrom got a staff as herIf i was CEO i would promote her to the topLove you Tina! ♡♡♡

Review №65

Please please DO NOT deal with this store. I ordered something online..been three weeks and my order is no where to be found. And the service is terrible. When I call to find out..not one person is able to help. 👎🏻

Review №66

Wow, there is literally NOTHING I want to buy in this entire place. I go into the Bay and want to try on every third item. I didnt know there could even BE so many patterns and colours that look absolutely unappealing. I guess its just not the store for me.

Review №67

Terrible customer service. Their return policy is incredibly vague and misleading. We have spent tens of thousands in their stores and will no longer be shopping here. Very disappointing. I would recommend buying directly from the brands/ designers instead, at least they will honour manufacturing defects.

Review №68

Rona in womenswear (2nd floor) offers such fantastic customer service. Her positive energy, patience and engagement with customers is top notch!

Review №69

Nice washroom!Instagram Corgi.Mozzarella.Tail

Review №70

Always clean. Sales associates are friendly, not too pushy. Selection is fairly large. Overall a good shopping experience.

Review №71

Bought a new pair of shoes here. I was contemplating on which and the guy (sorry that I don’t remember his name) was really helpful in helping me finalize a decision.For those who care, it was a contest between some $600-800 pair shoes, it was no easy decision.

Review №72

Sells fur and down jackets. Stop supporting animal abuse!

Review №73

Mac cosmetics in Nordstrom has the best experts & makeup artists.Allison the manager has extensive years in the industry and knows every product line. She is my trusted skin care and makeup expert since I first met her many years ago at Holts. Allison finds me the best moisturizer, makeup from any line and introduced me to 1 of my addictions, SLIP silk pillowcases, best underwear etc,. You need anything from shampoo to whatever call her at Nordstrom’s ask for Mac and she will arrange for delivery. Or see her in person to help you select best foundation lipstick face mask toner night cream makeup brushes etc. anything. Her expertise is amazing and she has introduced me to the best in products.

Review №74

Always exceptional service. Great selection to choose from.

Review №75

Very helpful friendly customer service

Review №76

Didnt buy anything from here, but it has an amazing layout! Its just fun to even walk around here. They also have a bar on the 2nd floor.

Review №77

Nice store with a fair amount of stock but lacks a lot of brands. I like the restaurant aa the food is pretty good. Awesome location

Review №78

Nice, clean, organized, beautifully decorated centre with helpful staff. Lovely shoes from great brands.

Review №79

Very trendy upscale. For you clothing and accessories this is a one stop shop; from formal to casual.

Review №80

Lots to look at. Great variety. Staff are professional. Some things here are not priced competitively for the exact same product that you can buy at other stores in pacific centre. Nordstrom was selling a specific pair of shoes for 179$, when 2 other stores in the same mall were asking them for 59$. So, if you’ve got the dough and you don’t care to spend it all in one place, Nordstrom is your place.I LOVE their cosmetics and fragrances area. Very helpful staff and so many options.Upstairs in the men’s section one of the staff was not very helpful and somewhat snarky in his response to our question “if they carried any professional high end vests for men”. He rolled his eyes and told us that he “hasn’t seen a vest anywhere in their store since 2017”. That definitely turned us off. Oh well. One sour lemon.

Review №81

It’s a good department store. Lot’s of associates and they’re helpful.

Review №82

Amazing shoe department and the restaurant has a tasty menu with fantastic view!

Review №83

I had the best shopping experience with Gene, he found the Scotch & Soda sweater I wanted for the Holidays & the facial moisturizer I needed as well. I love how you can call an order in and then pick it up on the main floor. Happy Holidays to the friendly Nordstrom staff who also gave me a little holiday gift bag with samples of facial moisturizers etc which was an extra nice touch!

Review №84

Nice place to go shopping. Only three floors of mostly fashion and accessories. There is a good restaurant on the third floor and a good cafe on the first floor called E-bar. The prices are close to the high end. The is free wifi all over the store.

Review №85

Lady at YSL store was very helpful, helped me choose what to get my mother for her 57th birthday!

Review №86

Exceptional customer service every single time.

Review №87

I’m gonna review the SHOE SHINE service since I haven’t seen any on here for that.I love the shoe shine here, they always do a great job, especially the 2 guys who work there. You can tell they have experience and care about how good your shoes look after the service.For the price it is incredibly worth it if you own leather shoes. Not only does it make your shoe look good, it’s also healthy as it conditions the leather! (That’s what the guy said lol)I’ve already gotten all my friends who own leather shoes to get their shoe shined here.

Review №88

Best shoes selection in town.

Review №89

My favorite go to for the most trending footwear and purses !

Review №90

Great place to to to to to grow fu n gus

Review №91

Amazing service. Staff are so helpful and very kind.

Review №92

You can get everything brands perfumes shoes clothes watches etc...

Review №93

Do not come here if you are dressed poorly. In other words, if you are dressed in sweatpants. I cannot begin to tell you the amount of glares that I received as I walked passed each department. Mind you, my purse was Alexander Wang, however, the security guard greeted me, making me feel like a criminal. This store will judge you heavily if you are dressed in loose lounge clothing. Do not bother to waste your time or money here. Snotty sales associates.

Review №94

Love this location. Excellent customer service in the sunglass department. Will definitely be back! Thank you so much Jessica!

Review №95

Greatest selection of Alexander McQueen and many more.

Review №96

So much space and choice

Review №97

Excellent service. Good selection.

Review №98

Always a good find to be had.

Review №99

Nice place to shop luxury brands. I have always had great shopping experiences at Nordstrom. The first time I visited Nordstrom was when I ordered Nike shoes online but I ordered a wrong size. I came to return my shoes and I was amazed with Nordstrom staff. They are super friendly, helpful and attentive.Burberry, Canada Goose, YSL, Nike, Adidas, cosmetics section are my all my favorite booths to check out every time I visit Nordstrom. It is the best to indulge yourself with all shopping experience in store rather than via online shopping.

Review №100

Nordstrom has been very helpful to me. My consultant unfortunately has broken her leg but she still referred me to have my dress zipper fixed and I would up being given a brand new dress. Very happy! They always mail me promos and invites to private shopping and give me gifts.

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