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3400 Around Lenox Rd #219, Atlanta, GA 30326, United States
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Please believe all the reviews about lost furniture. I thought what are the chances my furniture would be lost too (silly me). I ordered a sectional on May 9th with a delivery date of August 9th-23rd. Some how during transit they lost part of the sectional. Mind you they didn’t realize the piece was lost until I called them to find out why the sectional was in transit for 2 months(Note: I also, called them after it had been in transit for a month). I asked for a refund (which they tried not to give me) when they informed me they would have to order a replacement. So after almost 4 months, I have no sectional and I have to start the sectional shopping process all over again.

Review №2

I love West Elm but one of the customer service representatives walking around the store made me feel extremely uncomfortable. Before walking in the door I double checked their mask mandate which stated “mask are recommended but not a requirement”, so I proceeded though the store and then this one customer service rep. proceeded to call us out and ask if we have masks. We politely said “no”, then she continued on and said would you like one? And was very pushy about it. It made me feel so embarrassed that I left the store and WILL NOT BE BACK. Worst experience I’ve ever had, it would be different if I were breaking the rules.

Review №3

Nice decor clean stores, neat products and great customer service.

Review №4

The best thing about this store is Harmony! She really takes her time with the customers and every single time I go in there I spend way more money than I should because she’s so knowledgeable and has great expertise on house decor. She knows exactly what I like even when I don’t know what I like. I’ve bought everything she recommended and it all looks sooo good. God bless someone who values and truly cares patrons and prioritizes providing excellent customer service!

Review №5

My girlfriend loves this store However I think their prices are exuberant!

Review №6

This Westelm location is my absolute favorite in Atlanta. I’ve always found great deals here and the staff make it so easy and pleasant. The interior design in the store is always inspiring to me. Harmony has always helped me expand my ideas and pick the best pieces for my house. Also, Greg and Chris have always managed to make my shopping trip quick and easy especially during this pandemic. I almost never leave this store empty handed. Great store and amazing staff!

Review №7

ATTENTION WEST ELM SHOPPERS!!! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM ONLINE. I placed an order on 2/11/21 for 3 items that were marked in stock ready to ship. I still dont have them as of 3/10/21. Customer service says they are super busy and are behind on their shipping. ONE MONTH behind? Please do yourself a favor and shop at a company that will actually send you the stuff they keep putting a pending charge on your card for. Sad to see a once great company fall so far so fast. I would be embarrassed if I was any sort of leader of this company. FYI as of yesterday they cannot even give me an estimate of when it will be shipped. EMBARRASSING!!!!! FYI this is my second horrible experience with them. Plus did you know they charge you to move products to their stores for pick-up and also even if it shows in stock in a store it doesnt mean it is actually in stock. There are many better places that actually care about customers who spend money with them. Try one of those places.

Review №8

I went into the store after ordering a small foot stool priced as $249. When I checked out it added a charge of $150 flat fee, even though I had the code for free shipping. I called customer service and also visited the store to see about having it shipped to the store, and I would pick it up. Neither online customer service or the store were helpful, so I canceled my whole order which included 2 other things totaling $600. So West Elm lost out on a $600 sale when charging $150 shipping for a 30 lb $250 foot stool. Doesn’t sound like good business, but too each their own. Many other options to take my business in Atlanta.

Review №9

Unique furniture, good quality

Review №10

Harmonie was amazing in assisting me find curtains and bedding for our new bedroom. The inventory at this location in the Atlanta area is the best as they have more volume of the higher end west elm items. I can not recommend this location enough for their selection!

Review №11

Absolutely terrible experience shopping with west elm. Never buy online from this company, I spent thousands of dollars on furniture and had extreme delays along with the worst experience with the customer service team. Brenda C from customer service interrupted me multiple times, was patronizing and overall rude. She literally laughed when I was explaining I had called over ten representatives and nothing in regard to my order status was consistent. Wouldn’t even tell me her full last name because she knew there would be repercussions to treating a customer like that. Will never be shopping here again.

Review №12

I went to look at the fabric swatches before ordering online yesterday. When I walked in, two agents were chatting and looking at pics on their phones next to the couch Id like to order so I inconveniently interrupted them to ask questions about the couch as well as the fabric swatches. She couldnt be more unwilling to help me or simply indifferent about customer experience. Maybe I should wait until they finished their conversations before asking for help next time.

Review №13

I recently went to the ponce City market location which had excellent customer service. I purchased a amazing rug on clearance that I love and wanted to buy bedding. They referred me to Greg at the Lenox to pick up bedding because they had more items in stock. Mind you I made a appointment at ponce so I drove to Lenox and had the worst experience with Greg and Richard. They told me I couldn’t shop because I didn’t have a appointment. They made me feel like my money wasn’t good enough and I was a bother . The other customers in the store were treated way better . I work in the customer service industry I know how to treat people. It sucks because that location is closer to my house but I will never step foot back in there.

Review №14

LENOX LOCATION: We really liked the Austin stationary chair and ottoman. We saw it in the store and then once checking out the area we were planning on putting it in in our home we went to order it online. We live .5 miles from the store and they didnt have an option for pick-up online like they do for most other items. I called and asked why this was... (we dont want to pay 250 dollars for delivery thats literally across the street) and they said it was because the item we chose is a floor item for display and if they ordered it to the store than they would have to charge us for the delivery to the store (customer service lady said she THINKS 60 dollars but she isnt sure- they severely need to work on their customer service attitudes.) I dont understand why we should be penalized and pay extra because it is their floor item? We were going to spend 1600 dollars here today and now we are spending 0 and have to choose a new favorite store as we wont be returning here. They lost 1600 dollars because they want to charge us an exceptional amount for shipping and be extremely rude about it on the phone.

Review №15

You’ll never get your furniture. They say they have it in stock but you’ll be waiting months. I don’t recommend buying anything from them. Go read their Instagram comments. I should of listened to them. It’s getting so bad they are deleting comments from customers. DONT BUY!!

Review №16

Im shopping for furniture and accessories like most people that visit this store but I was treated like I was riff raff! I was dressed nicer than most of the people in there (it is my birthday & was headed to dinner) so that couldnt have been why the associate acted that way. One associate spoke and was nice though he placed all his attention on just one couple. The other associate that was there? I had to almost scream to get her attention and when she did turn around, she had an attitude and just point in a general direction as a way of answering my question. I put my items down and went to the restroom and when I came back and picked my things up, she was chatting it up with another customer....smiling, laughing, and being what I THOUGHT you were supposed to be to all customers: nice. I had been on the website picking things out but I doubt if I purchase anything here just based off her nastiness. When people are spending the kind of money your company is asking for, one would think theyd be treated better. Nice things clearly dont equal nice people. Disappointing.

Review №17

Horrible customer service....HEARTLESS! West elm please send me my table, 6 months is really horrible time.

Review №18

Bought a rug in December to be delivered in March, then it was June, then got an email that it was here, whoops....then it was gone, now it is August. And store manager—Harmony would not even steak with me. Just sent my message to the customer service call team. Just horrible customer service.

Review №19

Chris was super helpful at helping me get the Andes Terminal Couch! She was able to get me signed up for the West Elm Card and also process an order for me at a later date! Hopefully everything arrives as planned but I got great customer service that made my purchase more justifiable!

Review №20

Nice place to see some of West Elms products in-person before ordering.

Review №21

Mid century modern? Apartment decorating? Dont miss out on amazing furniture- design and quality and treat yourself. Christy listened to me and offered me some great solutions without pressuring me to buy. I have bought so much from organic cotton sheets to curtains and beds and console tables. It is a great store. It seems they have everything I love.

Review №22

Unbelievably awful customer service and associates.

Review №23

This review is for Anthony at the lenox store. He went above and beyond to help us in the store. We were looking for a specific size dining table and he looked for several different tables that would fit our need. We were so impressed by your professionalism and knowledge! Thanks, Anthony for improving our shopping experience.

Review №24

I was walking by when I say this small female struggling to get a desk in her car with a West Elm employee just standing and watching. I helped get get the desk in her car as the employee just stood there. He was incredibly lazy and rude. I can see why other people go to the Ponce location. The customer service and attitude of the employees at this location is laughable.

Review №25

Harmony the store manager was very helpful. She went above and beyond in helping me with a delivery issue. Made the purchase and delivery experience easy. Thank you!

Review №26

Geoffrey was very attentive and kind during my time at West Elm! He was sure to answer all my questions (I did have A LOT) and was patient in my decision making process. Ask for him or Gio when you go, they’re great!

Review №27

Refused to give me a refund and instead insisted on store credit only for my return because I was outside my 30 day return window... despite the fact that COVID had prevented me from being able to return the product inside the 30 day window and the store associate told me I would receive a check, not a store credit in the mail.

Review №28

Everyone is eager to assist. Always a pleasurable experience in store & on the phone.

Review №29

My wife loves this place! Its a very clean and the furniture has a very modern sleek look.

Review №30

My boyfriend and I went to check out sofas after getting lunch with friends from out of town. From the moment we walked in, the staff were overbearing, but most seemed like they genuinely wanted to help. However, one older sales woman was so incredibly rude we would rather pay extra to have a sofa delivered to our apartment than have to interact with her again. She stared at us from across the room and was dismissive and condescending everytime she spoke to us, yet kept checking in.

Review №31

Listen. I came here and one lady was super nice, and tried to help me out with my needs. But when I tried checking out. The American lady in the cashier was so rude to me. I left my things and walked away. I felt I was not the right color to buy there. Too bad I love west elm.

Review №32

We came to look at the furniture and my sister was considering getting some chairs so we were sitting in them. A sales rep came over and was very rude. She asked us if we needed anything and stood there waiting for us to leave the store and wanted us to leave. Funny thing is that we might have bought something if she wasnt so rude. Our car was also booted because we left the immediate shopping area to eat. Overall, a very negative experience.

Review №33

Excellent selection product and a really helpful staff! Everyone was kind, courteous and dedicated to helping me find my own style and it all came together even better than I expected!

Review №34

Not impressed at the customer service for one of the higher end furniture stores.Ordered a nice piece of furniture last week (only reason I’m not giving a one star review is because the employee helping us checkout was so friendly and helpful! I think her name was Harmony? Anyways she’s the real MVP).We got a call two days later saying our order was ready to be picked up and wouldn’t fit in an SUV. So today my husband rented a UHaul and went to pick it up. We got home to unpack it and turns out a ton of pieces are missing, so we call the store to inquire of the missing pieces, and after some research, they inform us the second half hasn’t yet shipped. (Gee thank you for letting us know that 1. there is a second half and 2. it won’t be ready for pickup for another week) that we have wasted a third of our day devoting time to something we won’t be able to work on for at least another week.The two staff members we talked to were incredibly unapologetic and dismissed the situation by saying the remaining half would be here in a week and that we could use a regular car to pick it up (aka we wouldn’t have to rent another uhaul... thank you for rectifying the situation!). Honestly, I wouldn’t be that upset if I would’ve felt that the staff would’ve taken ownership of their mistake in informing us that our order was ready, but somehow after both conversations... my husband and I felt the blame was placed on us. I understand this kind of thing happens, and honestly we were expecting the order to take longer initially, but if you call us to say the order is ready for pickup and it’s not, own up to your mistake!We paid $25 to have the order shipped to the Lenox location (yes, you have to pay additionally to have most furniture items shipped to the retail stores for pickup... or you can pay a $140 white glove service fee to have it shipped home). It’s a sad reality that if this were a mom and pop store, I know we would’ve been treated with much more respect and probably would’ve been offered some sort of refund or discount to ensure customer loyalty, but unfortunately, West Elm displayed the customer service of a utility company here.Very dissapointed.

Review №35

Consistently an unpleasant experience... sales associates are typically rude and flat out unhelpful. I drive the extra distance to go to Alpharetta or Ponce - they are much much better.

Review №36

Worked with Greg on a number of occasions and he is a true professional. Had a minor issue with another West Elm location, but he went above and beyond to make things right.

Review №37

Nice place friendly

Review №38

I ordered bed frame from west elm, receive defective parts and delivery man take the entire bed unit back, but the customer service only re-schedule placements for the defective part for me which made me call them 10 times through different departments and people to verify. West elm’s management is disaster and horrible, shipping team is running by third part! Terrible!

Review №39

They all keep asking how they can help and yet are not able to help because they don’t know their company’s policies.

Review №40

Stemware on sale

Review №41

Nice place

Review №42

Love some west elm!!!!

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