Westside Market
1530 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States
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My wife said she would review you a 100/10 if it was possible. Great selection of home decor items. A future location in Indianapolis would be great! πŸ”₯πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜±

Review β„–2

Wow wow wow! This furniture & decor store is unreal. The range of furniture, decor & design selection is endless. Definitely plan to spend a good 1-2 hours in this store to get a good experience of seeing everything. I will definitely be back x10!

Review β„–3

I’ve been wanting to stop by here for quite some time. I regret not coming sooner! So, so many unique items. Hundreds of booths in a well lit, very clean, inviting environment. Attentive staff were helpful but not bothersome. I met some of the booth owners; funny and knowledgeable. I’ll definitely have to go back. You should definitely go, but take lots of money. This place is far from inexpensive.

Review β„–4

Cool styles for unique people. The process are quite high, but youre paying for the convenience. A good place to shop for ideas atleast.

Review β„–5

Eclectic assortment of Home Goods from various artists/businesses who display their wares in booth settings. Interesting assortment of Sci-Fi metal sculptures as per these pics ...

Review β„–6

We went justly for a family outing since we heard the place had nice stuff. We were pleasantly surprised with the variety, authenticity and unique features of the place.

Review β„–7

Unique shopping experience, love the varying selection of vendors

Review β„–8

Looking for furniture, home decor, lighting, rugs, arts, apparel, vintage, Genesis1:3Candles made with soy wax and scented?!?! Then stop by the Westside Market, your one stop shop for all your needs. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the wide selection.

Review β„–9

Found an amazing, handcrafted dining room table here and the vendor was awesome enough to help us find the perfect chairs to match. Unique furniture and goods that you wont find anywhere else. Perfect place to spend an afternoon browsing treasures!

Review β„–10

Great stuff lots to see. big open space high ceilings. they have all types of decor along with some other things like serving dishes ect... some vintage things mixed in. great for home decorating or gifts or if ypu live to shop and see alot. they have many vendors so its like going into many stores all at once. I highly recommend it!!!

Review β„–11

I just about lost my mind over the endless beauty of everything housed here. There was fine art, furniture, decorative objects, scents and rare clothing with accessories. Ive never seen anything like it and Ive seen a lot in my lifetime.

Review β„–12

This was my first visit to Westside Market. I love the fact that theres individual shops selling unique items. Each stall is owned by different entities with their own unique style. Some of the prices were reasonable and some were over priced. However. it was an enjoyable experience that let me with design ideas. I can imagine in a non coronavirus world that this place would be packed. Go while you still can enjoy some peace and take your time to browse. Happy treasure hunting!

Review β„–13

Great looking stuff. Well laid out. Higher end items

Review β„–14

This market was such a cool experience! I enjoyed the classic cars display, original art, antiques, massive booths named on aisles after avenues, and life size movie figures, although a bit creepy if you come with younger kids. If you want a hand-made faux orchid, this is the place to get one! Definitely an interior design gem for any of your home decorating needs. Make sure you give yourself lots of time to peruse and enjoy all this place has to offer.

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Review β„–16

Tons to see. From furniture, to decor, to rugs and jewelry! A great location for anyone doing some decorating. Friendly staff and fair prices. Was allowed to bring home a rug to try in my space. While it didn’t work for me, what a great opportunity before buying. Alex in rugs is knowledgeable and friendly.

Review β„–17

Very cool place, was just playing wingman with a friend of mine looking for some furniture but I really liked a lot of the offerings. You can absolutely furnish every room of your home in this one place so long as your budget can accommodate. While some of the prices are a bit of a premium, there quality of the offerings is without a doubt top notch and particularly crafty and novel. Be ready to spend a couple hours here if you’re looking intently for something specific for your home cause you will absolutely be distracted along the way. The paintings during my visit were particularly cool and if I weren’t flying out I would have been more than glad to grab some of them.

Review β„–18

I am OBSESSED with this hidden gem! I pass by it all the time, but finally stopped in after work and stayed until close. There are tons of vendors, each booth having its own signature style. The service was exceptional, and its really a one-stop-shop for finding gifts for EVERYONE around the holidays that are unique and thoughtful. I will definitely keep coming back.

Review β„–19

This is such a fun place to roam and discover all the lovely furnishings. So much to see, I try to stop by often.

Review β„–20

Booth 135, world class art for sure

Review β„–21

So much to look at! High quality items that I imagine would appeal to almost anyone.

Review β„–22

Really unique shopping experience. So much to see. Everyone is helpful and friendly. Definitely a place you should visit while you have extra time because there is so much to see you need to take your time and browse all of the beautiful items.

Review β„–23

Huge warehouse with new and antique furniture and accessories. Go with time an discover amazing items to decorate your home. There are such and assortment. No entry fee and friendly staff.

Review β„–24

Awesome place from antique cars to persian rugs.

Review β„–25

Interesting place with many unique finds. Prices can be a bit high though.

Review β„–26

Awesome place to experience and get stuff for the house or ideas. Friendly staff and great rooms set up

Review β„–27

I love going here so much! Bought some amazing stuff for my home 😍

Review β„–28

So much to see! Rall guy with ponytail was very helpful. I walked this place hunting treasures for nearly 2 hours! So many great things. My son had to drag me out:)

Review β„–29

Very interesting, unusual items. Great selection of rugs of all sizes.

Review β„–30

The actual store is fine (although super overpriced; many of the items sold here are resales from HomeGoods and other much cheaper stores), and the employees are nice - same goes for a fair share of vendors.However, I cannot in good faith recommend anyone to support a business run by these corrupt crooks. Management treats employees very unfairly and terminates employment on a whim. Several employees are actively looking to switch to a different place of work, and I wholeheartedly support this endeavor. My family of over thirty people and I will be boycotting this business going forward.Oh, and while youre reading through my two cents, do yourself a favor and research Abe Malla who is the owner of this business and many other failed ones. He has more complaints against his character as well as his illegal, fraudulent dealings on the BBB than there are months in the year - and I dont foresee this stopping anytime soon.Join us in making this world a better place by taking down this store financially!

Review β„–31

Good lil spot. Very curated. A lot of chic elements. A good selection of handmade and new items with vintage sprinkled in.

Review β„–32

One of the best consignment shops in Atl!

Review β„–33

Theu have really cool pieces of furniture in here. Its a small gem. I look forward to going back. Theres alot of vendors who rent space here and sell their art and trinkets like candles and stuff.I love this store. Theres another little shop here that we enjoyed shopping at. They have all the little tricks keys that could shops have. We bought some really delicious smelling lotion, a Lazer lighter, and rainbow heart earrings.The service was great and friendly.We will be back

Review β„–34

Lovely place. I will definitely keep on my list for shops.

Review β„–35

Definitely a great time, enjoying all the art

Review β„–36

Nothing like it in Atlanta and like getting free exhibits to an eclectic museum.

Review β„–37

Great stuff for decorating the house or office. Best bring your wallet...but well worth checking out!!!

Review β„–38

Just go. Youre welcome. And smile.

Review β„–39

Two words: in love πŸ₯°

Review β„–40

Awesome store to find unique and vintage pieces. A designers dream on a new homeowners budget!

Review β„–41

Coolest place to so some antique shopping or fun birthday gifts. This was a great place for unique items!!

Review β„–42

I always go antiquing when Im in Atlanta, and Westside Market has become my new fave destination for home interiors. Its a huge warehouse divvied up by furniture, carpets and gew gaws. The selection is tremendous, with so many mouth-watering and unique finds. I love this place and always leave with magnificent items for my home!

Review β„–43

Amazing value for home furnishings

Review β„–44

Best place for unique home accents and Furniture. Top stop for Atlanta Home Designers. Nice Selection of live edge furniture.

Review β„–45

Beautiful market with huge selection, but over-priced.

Review β„–46

You want leave with out purchasing a unique piece of anything!!

Review β„–47

What a great experience

Review β„–48

I have never been to a store with this much inventory. Nice and diverse

Review β„–49

Business is picking up

Review β„–50

Distinguished and unique shopping experience in Atlanta.

Review β„–51

Great place for unique home goods. Prices vary wildly and all sales are final.

Review β„–52

Lovely decor!! High end items all the way around!!

Review β„–53

Every time I go to Atlanta I come to this place and I always find something I love!

Review β„–54

Never find my target pricesSeems higher than should be.

Review β„–55

Love this old gem for relics, antiques, art, rugs, custom pillows and upholstery. This place is full of eclectic finds from artists, wholesalers and second hand furniture dealers.

Review β„–56

Sort of a strange collection of many items for your home. Worth stopping in, but best to know what youre looking for in advance

Review β„–57

Had a great time today at Westside Market. Purchased an amazing cowhide rug and experienced great service from Craig. I also bought beautiful nesting tables and other decorative items. This place is a treasure trove of things and should be frequented regularly if youre trying to slowly decorate. Youll find what you want eventually!

Review β„–58

Purchase my original work. Sharon B Dowdell Photography

Review β„–59

Always fun, ideas, new discoveries,Designers dream...

Review β„–60

Amazing finds

Review β„–61

I absolutely enjoyed this place. If you arent shopping and just want to walk and look at amazing stuff this is the place for you.

Review β„–62

If you need it to furnish your home you can find it here! I could be lost browsing for days!

Review β„–63

I found my new shopping Mecca for eclectic finds. There are two locations in the Atlanta area and this location is five times bigger than the one in Toco Hills. I was overwhelmed when I first stepped in, but in a good how the kids felt when they finally arrived to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Like the movie, Westside Market is a world of imagination curated by dozens of talented local artists and creatives. You can find unique furniture, decor, jewelry, art, candles, bath products, clothing, shoes, rugs, bedding, pillows, even a life-size terminator statue. I love how everything is divided into booths and the aisles are named like streets. Since inventory rotates in and out I’ll be shopping here at least once a month.

Review β„–64

A lil something for everyone. Lots of fun to see all of the merchandise. Huge rug vendor. Furniture. Home accessories. Artwork. Jewelry & purses. Novelty items.

Review β„–65

Come in with a game plan when you walk through this massive space. Each stall curated perfectly to show off each vendors personal taste or style is exactly how antiquing should look. You could easily spend 2 hours or more in the space, and most of that time may be looking through the beautiful selection of woven rugs.

Review β„–66

This place is awesome! Lots of cool things to give your home some major pizazz. The art selection is especially great, here. Even local visual artist Stephen Lotus has section on wall 421! Please come visit the Westside Market ASAP because nothing lasts long in there.

Review β„–67

Very nice stuff, at a pretty reasonable price if you look for the deals each vendor is having.

Review β„–68

Great market for all kinds of things

Review β„–69

You could spend all day in this place.

Review β„–70

My husband and I recently purchased a fabulous rug here and we could not be happier. The product itself is amazing. Also, we received outstanding service. The gentleman helping us in the rug department was patient and kind. He gave us our space to discuss the purchase yet remained attentive and pressure-free. We had pleasant experience and excellent service leading to becoming the proud owners of a gorgeous handmade rug. Thank you!

Review β„–71

Westside Market is a huge space/building/market where more than 65 sellers offer buyers vintage furniture and collectibles. It is laid out as partially separate rooms for different sellers.Today was my first visit. I was surprised by the size and amount and beauty of displayed pieces of furniture and art. You can call the large collection inspiring and eye candies.

Review β„–72

Such great selections of new and previously loved stuff. Its hard not to want almost everything when you go in there but I try to focus on exactly what I came in looking for otherwise my home would be filled with all kinds of unneeded but absolutely gorgeous, interesting and unique artefacts. Their pricing is a little all over the place but Ive found great deals like high end furniture for a 1/3 of the current retail price on line.

Review β„–73

So many beautiful items to choose from. One of a kind pieces. A little pricey, but worth it!

Review β„–74

Neither good or bad. I was just window shopping.

Review β„–75

The artwork here is beautiful. So many styles and artists to choose from. I enjoy going just to browse around and look sometimes. Every month its like an entirely new visits with the pieces constantly changing. Highly recommend going just to look or if youre in the market for new additions to decorate your home.

Review β„–76

This place is like a high end vintage store and will suck you in before you realize what happened! Some beautiful modern art is available. One vendor had these cool galvanized Disney characters that were life-size!

Review β„–77

Nice place. You need a half day to look around!

Review β„–78

Atmosphere and selection...Outstanding people

Review β„–79

Some very unusual home accessories.

Review β„–80

High quality unique furnishings. Reasonable prices.

Review β„–81

I love this eclectic market. You need to go when you have plenty of time because there are so many beautiful things (furniture, art objects, rugs, ceramics, fabrics & textiles) that the store literally sucks you in and invites you to wander and explore. There is also an upholstery store now, which is fabulous if you find that perfect chair, but you want to add your decorator spin to it. The people who work there are helpful when you need them and always able to lend you a tape measure if you forgot yours.

Review β„–82

Unique buys

Review β„–83

Definitely with the trip even if you just want to browse, you never know what you will find. Seems to change from time to time based on what the vendors have some recent stuff done old but, its a cool spot.

Review β„–84

Amazing!!! An interior designers dream store.

Review β„–85

Nightmare experience! They advertised a 20% discount throughout the store, then rang up all if our items and did not include the discount. When we mentioned the discount they told us all sales were final and refused to honor it. This discount was posted on the front entrance door and all over the showroom! Very disappointing. Be ware!!!

Review β„–86

I purchased a mirror there less than a week ago. Very nice store but the policies and customer service make it not worth it. They are very clear about their non return policy upfront, but it is not good business. I used their tape measure and was rushed and saw 46 inches when it was 48 inches. They value the $190 over a return customer and word of mouth and won’t let me return the bathroom mirror 6 days later that doesn’t fit and is now useless to me. I am to blame but it’s 2019 and these dated policies make other stores better options.

Review β„–87

This is a fun store. Part traditional furniture store and part flea market vibe with different booths set up.

Review β„–88

I like all the thing there have in the store but i do not see anything i want to buy i will go back to see what new in the store thank you for asking so come and see for yourself.

Review β„–89

There is something there for everyone; from handcrafted jewelry, elegant pieces of wood and glass, antiques, beautiful chandeliers and unique pieces of art all at affordable prices. I wish I had a wall or window for that exquisite piece of stained glass. Everyone I encountered was very helpful. This gallery is the gem of Toco Hills.

Review β„–90

Great finds...Great place!

Review β„–91

Always an adventure. Lots of great selection.

Review β„–92

Great stuff

Review β„–93

This furniture/ Antique store is amazing; you will find all types of furniture in this location which by the way is huge. The store is unique in the fact one side of the store is dedicated to furniture and rugs, while the other side doubles as an antique market. Small retailers are able to rent small sections to display fashions, artwork, and antiques to sale to the general public. It is very easy to get lost in this store for hours because there is so much to see. I love the fact you are able to find one of a kind unique pieces. I also love the fact you get all types of styles of furniture. Unlike most furniture retailers where there is a cohesive style throughout the collections, they have lots of different pieces for different cliental. The price point is quite expensive you will not find affordable furniture deals here you will find one of a kind high-end furniture. I love the modern style furniture they had it really fit my style!

Review β„–94


Review β„–95

I enjoyed wandering around but was not impressed with the prices. Seems like there is a very high markup on items. I have seen identical pieces of work from artists at other places much cheaper. Staff was nice but a few were interactions seemed a little pretentious. Just go with a very very open mind. There are still some great finds here.

Review β„–96

Xmas on sale!

Review β„–97

Nice place to shop

Review β„–98

I was surprised to find out that this place is a combination of thrift store and furnishings store, with both new and found objects, arranged artistically.

Review β„–99

Great place

Review β„–100

Great selection of furniture and artwork, but they will not work with you at all on returns. I recently made a purchase and took the item home to see how it would look, and unfortunately it was slightly too large. I took the item back within 24 hours in perfect condition, and the management did not work with me at all on finding a solution. If you’re going to spend the money, find somewhere that will make sure you have the right item for your home instead of trying to lock in sales.

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